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Integrate HubSpot with the new 'Inbox for Gmail'

Integrate HubSpot with the new 'Inbox for Gmail' in a similar way as you already have for Gmail.

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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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Currently I'm not a paying customer for HubSpot, but the email tracking has been a huge benefit to me thus far, and it's got me close to executing on a paid membership. I'm starting to use Inbox by Google to manage the crazy amounts of mail I get. It keeps me focused and I am enjoying it thus far. I would really LOVE to be able to track those emails.


Until then, back to not knowing when email is opened.. Smiley clignant de l'œil


Thanks for the efforts!



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Huge upvote!!! :-)

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Paying customer.


Agreed, upvoted.  I simply won't go back to standard Gmail interface because Inbox by Google works so well, but then I'm missing out on Hubspot integration.  Please strongly consider integrating with Inbox!  

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I switched to Inbox before the rest of my team started using Hubspot - luckily I don't need to be as much of a power user as they do, but would still like all the features.

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Is this something the community would be able to spearhead? I don't know if Inbox for Gmail has an accessible API and/or HubSpot for that matter... However, I don't have the time to do it myself, but as a software developer, it seems doable relatively simply. Knowing full well without knowing those APIs simple doesn't mean easy or cheap. I really do look forward to integration with Inbox... I get irritated when I'm accidently going into the wrong mail app... I can't wait for them to report it's adoption rate as that'll tell us whether or not it's going to be a long-term project, or a dead one... though initial adoption of course isn't everything.



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Can't upvote this enough!


Won't go back to standard Gmail after using Inbox and dissapointed Hubspot isn't integrated here. Smiley triste

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The only reason for me to switch from Hubspot to Mixmax is the Mixmax integration on Google Inbox. I won't go back to Gmail, so the moment you have this I'll be a returning user for your platform.

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Mixmax is integrated to Inbox... So definitely doable technically...