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Integrate Google Maps and Hubspot

It's simple! If we could see where our companies and contacts were with one single image (map), then we wouldn't have to filter our companies or contacts, creating different lists. Our executives fly all over for speaking, conferences, and live classes and we need to know who we can connect with and where to maximize our ROI. The database does not inform me like I wish it did. Especially because cities are intergrated automatically and sometimes the companies are in small towns very close to big cities, leaving me without a clue. Instead I have to know the small town and where it is or do research for each instance. 

It's so simple! Please Hubspot, we need to visualize our data!

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This feature was used all the time by our sales team with SFDC and it is very disappointing that a Google intergrated CRM would not have this built in to the address, I need this literally every day and have to go to maps and manually look up


This feature would be very welcome indeed! Just to easily create a custom map based on customers, prospects, leads for example.


+1 to have this in an upcoming release of Hubspot!

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Would improve data quality and is useful for businesses that go on location / in the field.


We are trying to figure out the same solution. The third party solutions such as GeoMapper are too expensive for our company and we would like to know how would we would implement it on our own. There seems to be zero solutions anywhere online.


Has anyone found a solution for this case yet?