Integrate Google Maps and Hubspot

It's simple! If we could see where our companies and contacts were with one single image (map), then we wouldn't have to filter our companies or contacts, creating different lists. Our executives fly all over for speaking, conferences, and live classes and we need to know who we can connect with and where to maximize our ROI. The database does not inform me like I wish it did. Especially because cities are intergrated automatically and sometimes the companies are in small towns very close to big cities, leaving me without a clue. Instead I have to know the small town and where it is or do research for each instance. 

It's so simple! Please Hubspot, we need to visualize our data!

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 @MikeMash glad you like it, thanks for the compliment. We are looking to make improvements based on feedback, so thank you. I will speak to the team and look at a few options. I'll keep you posted, via email. 

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@Dan1 Your maps add-on looks great.  I tried to add it to my account but the map shows up blank with no customers or opportunities.  Any idea what might be wrong, or how to troubleshoot?

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Yes please I wish I could upvote a million times.

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@agperson the tool works by using two lifecycle stages in HubSpot, they are "Customer" and "Opportunity". So the first thing to check is that you have the lifecycle stages set up in your HubSpot account. If you are still having a challenge then please don't hesitate to email me directly on 

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unfurtunately it does not work in switzerland. i get the message, no company found. 

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@GerriCH the solution works across the globe, we are utilising google's api to map the companies, so it doesn't matter where you or your customers are located. It works by mapping two HubSpot lifecycle stages "Customer" and "Opportunity" so please check that you are using those fields in your HubSpot account, as I think this might be the reason you are not seeing any companies. If you have any other queries then please don't hesitate to contact me directly on I hope this helps 🙂 

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Is there any official update on this? Native integration in the platform as well as the mobile app would be huge for our reps when out prospecting. Seeing which other opportunities in their territories (those already as contacts/companies in the CRM but also new companies not added; maybe by color?) would be amazing functionality.


This would be a huge addition!

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Anyone who's visited zillow or, you understand how a mapping tool needs to work.  It's great if we have a visual, but we also need to be able to filter and save.


I want to be able to enter a radius from a pin point or draw an area, and be able to save that "list."


Then pull up that list and make an additional filter or maybe change the radius and save it as a new "list."


Talk about a GAME CHANGER in the CRM world.  Come on HubSpot...You can do it!!




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Is anyone found a solution for this ?

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Integrate Google Maps and Hubspot will be a great feature. 
I hope Hubspot team integrates this function soon in the CRM 

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Hi @JennTheone  @itari , @rsmurugan , @AMcCumbers @MattF , 


Our GeoMapper solution is now in the HubSpot App Marketplace and has a freemium plan so that you can test out the solution. It opens up from within HubSpot no extra login required. 


Please find us here, in the HubSpot App Marketplace. 


If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 12.26.58.png


Kind Regards, 



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Hey all,


This thread has been around for a bit, but I’m jumping in to share a way to “visualize your data” like @JennTheone suggests. 


Although Hubspot doesn’t have their own mapping solution, you can use your Hubspot data with an app called Map My Customers. I created it as a mobile app in 2016, and now we're used on all devices by over 50k reps.


We’re also Hubspot’s preferred mapping tool and a Certified App Partner, having helped hundreds of teams organize their Hubspot data visually (along with some pretty cool routing and mapping functions). Best yet, we're mobile-first meaning all your data is at your fingertips while you're in the field.


You can try us out free for 14 days by downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android. If you’re looking for your whole team, you can book a demo with our sales team.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hi HubSpot community forum! 


Thank you guys for sharing your ideas and uses cases for this integration! Unfortunately, we don't currently have an integration with Google Maps planned. If you're looking for a solution, you can check out our App Marketplace or look into working with one of our Solutions Partners. 

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That's unfortuate... I feel like this is a pretty easy thing to do and rediculous to pay for as an additional service. Not including this in your platform is a major stike against continuing to use your service. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hi All


Thanks for your suggestions


Google Maps integration is not currently planned in our coming cycles, but we will keep this in mind for future planning 




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Would be great to have a native integration with Google Maps rather than an add-on which is paid. Hope HubSpot will put this on the roadmap moving forward!