Integrate Google Maps and Hubspot

It's simple! If we could see where our companies and contacts were with one single image (map), then we wouldn't have to filter our companies or contacts, creating different lists. Our executives fly all over for speaking, conferences, and live classes and we need to know who we can connect with and where to maximize our ROI. The database does not inform me like I wish it did. Especially because cities are intergrated automatically and sometimes the companies are in small towns very close to big cities, leaving me without a clue. Instead I have to know the small town and where it is or do research for each instance. 

It's so simple! Please Hubspot, we need to visualize our data!

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This would be rather straightforward to do with the HubSpot API. If this is an urgent need for your business, send me a private message or email We'e built other google maps solutions with HubSpot data.

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I think this is a very good idea! We would like to also visualize where our customers are with Google Maps (as in Hubspot we have the exact address of each customer). When we are planning a business trip, you will see easily which customers are in each zone.



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We'd absolutely love this feature too - looking to have this type of integration into our deal cards. Is this possible?

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This is a major downside when comparing to other CRMs the lack of integration to mapping tools, having to look for 3rd party integration.

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Hi all,
Third beta is out,
You can mail me to be part of it.

We're also in touch with Hubspot to have it listed as an official supported integration Smiley Happy


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When I'm traveling my territory,  I really need to be able to locate my customers/prospects on my phone with ease.   Safety is critical.   The more I have to cutthe address from the HS app and paste into Google Maps or WAZE the more time my eyes are off of the road !.   Accident waiting to happen !



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Idea for an Interactive Mapping Tool. 


A tool that can pinpoint on a map locations of Customers or filter pinpoints by any of the 'Lifestyle Stages" (Prospect, Lead, Customer, Opportunity etc).


For instance, I may have an appointment with a current customer in Detroit, MI. I could search via a map for a group of "leads" or "opportunities" nearby that I could visit before or after the scheduled appointment. You could use this tool to try and set up additional visits with current customers or prospects. 


This feature would help with Time Management and scheduling your day; hopefully increase face to face touches with more than one customer/prospect while in that area.



I personally always choose the 'satellite' view of maps. Makes it much easier to visually see the facilties you are visiting and surrounding businesses. 


Finally, with a mapping tool, this could help you locate nearby opportunties (to existing or potential customers) that were not previously on your radar - from a clean map view. 




Josh H. 

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How Can i geospot my customers om the go..?


just Like i could in salesforce. 

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Please add.  My team needs this feature.


Love this Idea. Ive been trying to find something that can do this for us but hate the idea of adding another platform and manually transferring all my data