Integrate Google Maps and Hubspot

It's simple! If we could see where our companies and contacts were with one single image (map), then we wouldn't have to filter our companies or contacts, creating different lists. Our executives fly all over for speaking, conferences, and live classes and we need to know who we can connect with and where to maximize our ROI. The database does not inform me like I wish it did. Especially because cities are intergrated automatically and sometimes the companies are in small towns very close to big cities, leaving me without a clue. Instead I have to know the small town and where it is or do research for each instance. 

It's so simple! Please Hubspot, we need to visualize our data!

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this is a MUST HAVE ! 


 I just emailed Hubspot support about this as well. It would be very helpful to have when you know you'll be spending time in specific regions of the city/state.

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Yes, please.  had this in our old CRM system and struggling without it now....

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We are a commercial real estate company, we NEED a mapping feature within the Hubspot application or we will need to look for alternate solutions.

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I think i have to go back to Pipedrive. There google mapping works very well. - no replay from hubspot at all?

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Are there any updates here? I feel like this is a standard need (especially for visual people such as myself) as most company's do business internationally these days.


Also, from a GDPR perspective, it would be great if we could see where our in europe our leads are located. 

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@tash1213-I agree.  In fact my company is already looking at other CRM's because there is no google mapping interface within  the HubSpot application.  We have been asking for this for a year now with no update on this in the pipeline in the upcoming pipeline...very unfortunate and disappointing.

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We are STILL waiting on this too. It's a huge necessity for our sales team, and I get asked every day when it will be available. We were using BASE prior to Hubspot, and they had this feature. My team is asking that we return to our old system, and this is the MAIN issue, so I hope it is available soon.

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Unreal that there are this many concerns and zero responses from HubSpot and no solutions in the pipeline

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I believe that Hubspots response is based on the "upvotes" that a topic gets. Currently this topic is at 37 votes. Each person can only vote once but we need to get that number up. Please get as many users to log in and vote for this feature. 


It's pitiful that that is the only way to get action out of Hubspot!

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I recently did a Hubspot feedback survey where I mentioned this feature. They referred me to a community link other than this thread regarding the subject, it only had 1 or 2 replies. I wonder if Hubspot is aware of the demand for this feature. I agree that it seems like a fairly standard/remedial feature in this day and age. Even an integration into Google Maps would be helpful. My other thought is that perhaps a mapping feature defies the workflow the Hubspot platform promotes. I personally find it a bit antiquated to sell from a list(digital or otherwise), but admittedly Hubspot seems to have been successful in make this as easy/fluid of a process as possible. 


I work for a software dev company and we are always looking for SPECIFIC feedback when it comes to feature requests as I'm sure Hubspot does as well, so here it is:


Client/Lead/Contact Mapping Feature


-Visually see Clients/Leads/Contacts on a map.

-Filters for Lead Status, Deal stage etc.



-Some sales teams/people are assigned areas/territories and need to visually see where leads are located on a map as opposed to scouring for location information lead by lead.


-Sales managers need to grow or target certain areas, mapping these opportunities is a necessity.


Thank you!



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Totally agree with  @scheilj and @LCG


@kevinitretail - all of this information is great. I would just add that not only should you have the ability to visualize contacts' locations, you should be able to optimize a route between them.


This may not be true to many businesses anymore, but our team visits our customers and makes an effort to meet with them personally. It is one of the greatest assets to our company, but a lot of time and money can be lost without this feature integrated within the CRM system.

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I just created a HubSpot free account, and I was enjoying most of its easy-to-use functionalities, until I finally found that it lacks a Google Maps integration. I'm disappointed to see this must have functionality was suggested almost a year ago, and hasn't been yet implemented. As this is a basic functionality for my bussiness, seems like I will have to keep looking for other solutions, since it isn't even in HubSpot's roadmap.

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Good idea, thumbs up

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We have a solution for you free of charge and it works from within HubSpot. Check it out here , we had this problem ourselves, we wanted a solution and now we are sharing it with the community. Please give me your feedback, we are open to making improvements if it proves to be popular.  Happy mapping 🙂 


Works from inside your HubSpot AccountWorks from inside your HubSpot Account



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@PackSpecJosh  we have a solution for you free of charge and it works from within HubSpot. Check it out here , we had this problem ourselves, we wanted a solution and now we are sharing it with the community. Please give me your feedback, we are open to making improvements if it proves to be popular.  At the moment you can map your customers and leads from your lifecycle stage, but keep your eye out for improvements. Happy Mapping 🙂 


Mapping from inside your HubSpot accountMapping from inside your HubSpot account

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@PackSpecJosh, we started a thread for this too - Integrate Mapping Tool with HubSpot.

Let's join forces and get HubSpot to implement this function ASAP!


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@Dan1, when opening the mapping tool, will this also restrict sales to view only the contacts/companies that they own?

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@karen_barth not yet, we have just released it to the wider community, so at present, you can view your companies customers and opportunities.  I will put this forward to our product team, that's really helpful feedback.  Hopefully, the solution gives you initially a big benefit.  

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@Dan1 this is great.  Any plans to map contacts (not just companies) that are customers?  Additionally, this would be amazing if we could search the map based on city or zip code.  Great integration and clean interface!