Integrate Facebook Messenger with Conversations

When people talk to us in Facebook messanger, the replies stay buried in MARKETING > SOCIAL > MESSANGER > AUDIENCE.


This is pretty useless. These should really appear in the Conversations Inbox with the rest of the messages we receive as an additional channel.



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Integrate Facebook Messenger with ConversationsHubSpot Product Team
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Integrate Facebook Messenger with ConversationsHubSpot Product Team

Hi all-

Here is the beta form again!


As mentioned above this is a beta, so we are still working through a few things but it has been very successful so far!


Also,  we are working on adding this to the Chatflow experience and streamlining it with our other channels. Also adding Bot functionality. I don't have an exact timeline right now, but it will be within the next few months and I will provide an update as soon as I have a more firm timeline.


Thanks for the interest and all the feedback!




Integrate Facebook Messenger with ConversationsHubSpot Product Team

@JanJordaan Feel free to email me directly at and I can follow up! thanks!

Integrate Facebook Messenger with ConversationsHubSpot Product Team
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Hi! We have opened this up to a private beta. This will add Facebook Messager as a channel in your inbox. Please fill out the form below and we will get you access to the beta and as always please let us know if you have any feedback!


We are also working on the next iteration which will tie Facebook Messager in with Chatflows, which we expect to in beta later this month. 


Link to request beta access:

Integrate Facebook Messenger with ConversationsHubSpot Product Team
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I want this.  FB messenger connected to the inbox.

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We are waiting for this a year ago. we run facebook ads  and need to capture lead data and chat. It is important to manage on conversations.

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This feature is needed ASAP. I have a real estate agent who needs their own CRM. In such a person-to-person oriented business, being able to track all conversations on all social mediums and house t in your CRM is vital. 

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Please add this feature!

Thank you!

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Yes please! This would be so valuable for us.

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Is anyone from Hubspot listening?

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Conversations desperately needs the announced multi-channel approach. Where are the additional channels?

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It would be really useful to be able to record a Facebook Messenger conversation in the Contact's timeline - along with the emails, notes etc that are already recorded there.  It will help keep the complete picture of conversations with the lead in the one place

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It would also be great to be able to respond to a FB Messenger request and continue the conversation from within Hubspot, and have the conversation recorded in the Contact timeline

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Hundred of customers contact us through Facebook Fanpages. HubSpot must not only gather all Facebook Fanpages (authorised by admin) inboxes / messages  but also the comment of posts on fanpage.

Many software can do it, consolidate all conversations from customers on Facebook Fanpage (inbox/messenger and comment posts) in a single places.


Please add this features as soon as possible,