Integrate Facebook Messenger with Conversations

When people talk to us in Facebook messanger, the replies stay buried in MARKETING > SOCIAL > MESSANGER > AUDIENCE.


This is pretty useless. These should really appear in the Conversations Inbox with the rest of the messages we receive as an additional channel.



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+1 on the addition of the chat bot flows to the Facebook Messenger beta initiative. The Messenger integration with the conversations area is working great (now my whole team can get involved in chats and not just me (marketing). 


However, I'm now running into my issue of live hours vs after hours and would love to have our chat bot introduction and chat flows available to integrate into Facebook Messenger as well. 


When this feature is added to beta I'd be pleased to test it out!

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Let's crowdfund it? Let's do the smart contract so that if we are let's say 5 of us then developing it is 5x cheaper but if we're 10 of us? It's not that expensive anyway.

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Any updates on this feature? A facebook / instagram messenger integration with contact records would be HUGE and enormously valuable #stickiness 

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Hi, If we could only access our conversations on messenger through the hubspot app, id greatly appreciate that! since now it seems like I can only interact with the chat on my website through the app. Which is a little underwhelming, it'd be great if I could interact with messenger conversations through the hubspot app!

Thanks and good luck all


Please!!! urgent !

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@channel Smiley Tongue


I'm part as business of the beta program of that feature. 

Hubspot is working on it and they are fixing some issues thay have currently. I think you can ask to be part of this program, just be careful, it's a beta and could not work correctly sometimes. 


I'd just add that this integration uses Send/Receive Facebook APIs and they are not working together with subscriptions. 


What does that mean ?


Previously I was using Bitrix24, and they have multiple connections to some technologies like in this case Facebook Messenger. The cool thing about having susbcriptions, is that you can send content whenever you want to your Facebook conversations. Let's say a newsletter and this can be sent automatically via a workflow equivalent in Bitrix24. 


That feature is super porweful !! And means more automation to our businesses giving more value to our customers and leads. 

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I just filled out the form to request access to the Facebook Messenger beta version. 

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Hmm, did anybody get access? 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all-

Here is the beta form again!


As mentioned above this is a beta, so we are still working through a few things but it has been very successful so far!


Also,  we are working on adding this to the Chatflow experience and streamlining it with our other channels. Also adding Bot functionality. I don't have an exact timeline right now, but it will be within the next few months and I will provide an update as soon as I have a more firm timeline.


Thanks for the interest and all the feedback!




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Hi Cassie, since Facebook plans to unify the FB Messenger, IG Messages and Whatsapp into a single inbox experience, will this be reflected in the future integration?