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Integrate Facebook Messenger with Conversations

When people talk to us in Facebook messanger, the replies stay buried in MARKETING > SOCIAL > MESSANGER > AUDIENCE.


This is pretty useless. These should really appear in the Conversations Inbox with the rest of the messages we receive as an additional channel.



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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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Fully agree. The conversation inbox is really powerful and should include all messanging channels, FB messenger is definitely one that should be next on the list together with SMS text messenging.

Contributeur occasionnel

We need to connect our Facebook Pages messenger Inboxes as a new channel for Hubspot Inboxes! Very important to have all our team in one single inbox and not checking Facebook, hubspot etc.

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Would love to see this as well! Would allow us to move completely away from competitors chat solution. 

egonzalez Regular Contributor | Gold Partner
Regular Contributor | Gold Partner

 Great idea. HubSpot, please add this. Smiley tirant la langue

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 Must needed

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Essential! Smiley heureux

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Please!!! urgent !

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This is a huge need. This has been asked about since the early part of the year. Can we get an update from a HubSpot Product person?

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Would be great to see this as soon as possible as we have a branch in poland using facebook messenger and want to get them all intergrated into hubspot