Instagram: "Link in bio" functionality

Hi team! I have a feature request for you... Please add ability to apply a link "link in bio" to Instagram posts. A similar tool that does this is called Later.

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This would be an extremely valuable tool for HubSpot to add to it's social offering. This is one of the most inconvenient components of running a social media program, and having to use a separate tool for managing IG bio links is extremely inconvenient. Even if there was an integration between a tool like Buffer or Later and HubSpots social tool, that would allow them to work together, rather than having to outright build the functionality. 


Anything would be better than having to choose between:

1. managing social across multiple platforms 

2. migrating all social channels to a new platform 

3. manually update bio links every single time a post calls it out. 


Yes, I'm aware we could build a links page, but this is not a great user experience, as it's often terribly well managed, and no consumer is going to go hunting through links for their desired content. 


Thanks for considering!  

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fully agree