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Instagram multiple images

I know that this has been brought up in the community before but the last posts are from 2019.

Currently it's not possible to post carousel posts (multiple pictures) on instagram. This feature is a must-have for us. Any news regarding the API issues with FB/Instagram developers or other comments on this please.

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I second this idea - posting carousels on Instagram is something that should be included in the HubSpot social media package. This feature has been a part of Instagram for a while now, and it's shocking that HubSpot hasn't thought to include it in their planning tool.


Similarly, I've noticed that the HubSpot tool also makes it impossible to create Twitter threads, meaning you're having to upload them in real-time.


In the meantime - does anyone know of any possible third-party apps that link through HubSpot so I can track different marketing campaigns that use multi-image posts/Twitter threads?


Please update on progress.   This feature is by no means new to any platform, no updates from Hubspot in over 2 yrs on this popular feature is a mystery to me. 


Hi, are these any updates on this feature? This would be a really important feature for us. 


The original post was made back in 2019 we are now well into 2022 with no updates yet on when it will be added? Did anyone know of any possible third-party apps that link through HubSpot so I can track different marketing campaigns that use multi-image posts?


I agree, it is shocking that for all the tutorials , trainings , certifications Hubspot offers, that they don't stay current with their software.


I can't believe how many requests there have been to enable carousel posts over the years and Hubspot haven't implemented the change - there are forums online with hundreds of people with the same problem.  I understand that AUTOMATING the posts has always been tricky and often carousel posts scheduled on other tools like ContentCal or Planoly have triggered reminders on the day/time for a user to manually 'post now'. But recently that automation issue has been overcome with other social media scheduling tools allowing completely streamlined scheduling and automation of carousels, without any need for triggers or manual intervention. 


It really surprises me that Hubspot are so far behind their competitors with this. 


Carousel posts often generate the highest engagement as with every new photo you get a second/third...../tenth bite of the cherry. Perhaps they don't realise this as they've not been able to gather metrics because they've never enabled it? 

Hubspot - please look into this!! 🙂 


My team needs this feature. Please ASAP. Thanks.


My team needs this as soon as possible. We can't keep adding workarounds.


Unfortunately we now have to do workarounds. It would be awesome if Hubspot could incorporate this feature, then the social media tool would be perfect and flawless for us to use. Thanks!

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Would be great to have


Reminder that there is a much longer existing thread on this (with over 400 votes) here: HubSpot Community - Allow Multiple Images for Instagram - HubSpot Community

Please vote there;)