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Instagram integration

Instagram integration for social media stats.

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February 27, 2018 02:06 PM

No problem!


We currently track likes and comments for interaction data, as Instagram does not support outbound clicks we will not surface click data on messages or in the list of published posts under 'Social Publishing'.


Like data and interaction data should show under Social Reports going forward!

Re: Instagram integration - changed to: Delivered
February 27, 2018 06:22 AM

February 27, 2018 06:22 AM



As of today a direct publishing/scheduling to Instagram integration is live across all paid marketing portals, we've written up a knowledge doc here to outline the setup and posting process.

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March 31, 2017 07:38 AM

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Scheduling social media posts through HubSpot is an amazing way to monetize social media and we would like to see that happening with more applications, especially Instagram and Pinterest. These 2 applications are as powerful as other main types of social media such as facebook and twitter and lots of businesses could benefit to promote their products more effectively through them. There are hardly any other platforms that support all these applications together, for social media monetizing, and we are very happy and loyal customers that wouldn't wish to leave Hubspot for another service that will not cover other needs any better. I sincerely hope that our idea will be evaluated and supported both from the Hubspot team and the community.

Thank you!


And scheduling!

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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Statut mis à jour : In Planning
Équipe de développement de HubSpot

This is something the team are evaluating at the moment. We have some ideas on how to implement this - so stay tuned on this front!


Please get a head start by putting the instagram icon in the follow me module so I don't have to code a new one!

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Hey @MarinaPapagiann to add to Vishnu's comment above, an Instagram feature is currently in planning. At this time, there are no plans for a Pinterest integatrion. I'm going to close this Idea as "Not Currently Planned" as it pertains to Pinterest, but you can track the Instagram request here. I'd encourage you to comment on this post with what details on what exactly you'd like to see in an Instagram integration monitoring / publishing / reporting etc. The more detail / context you have the better! 


Thank you for taking the time to submit this idea! 



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 Thanks. I am looking foward to this feature. 


Instagram is a core platform for us. I need it!!! 

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HI there,


An integration with Instagram and YouTube would be really benefical for posting and reporting/monitoring purposes. Any idea when this might happen? 


Great news this is in planning, we really need instagram as part of our social scheduling and would like it all in 1 place, rather than using variou systems to post - hopefully this is soon! 

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We really need native Instagram integration in HubSpot for several clients with younger or highly visual audiences. We just came from yet another client meeting where they were first aware of a family's interest from a high-school age student's interactions via Instagram. 


Specific functionality desired:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Following
  • View comments
  • Search and monitoring
  • Reporting




Defienitely would like to see Instagram added to the social publishing and monitoring tool!


Do we have a due date on Insta integration for posting and stats?

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@SarahSpitfire Instagram was announced at Inbound, haven't heard anything about YouTube.

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Can't wait to use this! Do you have a timeline?


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Please stay tuned to updates about HubSpot's upcoming Instagram integration here. At this time there are no plans to build an integration with YouTube, but HubSpot will continue to monitor this thread for votes/comments. 


 Any updates coming out of Inbound? I nominate myself to beta test Smiley clignant de l'œil


Scheduling is now available through the Instagram API, so hopefully Hubspot is on this! Chat très heureux


It would be great if I could connect our Instagram account to hubspot and scheduel all posts through the hubspot platform. 


Yes!!!  Especially with this new API functionality-


Maybe HubSpot can make this happen??  Please!!!  🙂