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Instagram integration for social media stats.

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We really need native Instagram integration in HubSpot for several clients with younger or highly visual audiences. We just came from yet another client meeting where they were first aware of a family's interest from a high-school age student's interactions via Instagram. 


Specific functionality desired:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Following
  • View comments
  • Search and monitoring
  • Reporting



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Defienitely would like to see Instagram added to the social publishing and monitoring tool!

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Do we have a due date on Insta integration for posting and stats?

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@SarahSpitfire Instagram was announced at Inbound, haven't heard anything about YouTube.

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Can't wait to use this! Do you have a timeline?


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Community Manager

Please stay tuned to updates about HubSpot's upcoming Instagram integration here. At this time there are no plans to build an integration with YouTube, but HubSpot will continue to monitor this thread for votes/comments. 

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 Any updates coming out of Inbound? I nominate myself to beta test Smiley Wink

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Scheduling is now available through the Instagram API, so hopefully Hubspot is on this! Cat Very Happy

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It would be great if I could connect our Instagram account to hubspot and scheduel all posts through the hubspot platform. 

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Yes!!!  Especially with this new API functionality-


Maybe HubSpot can make this happen??  Please!!!  :-)