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Instagram/Facebook Integration to Social Media Feature

At present, the sole method of linking an Instagram account with the Social feature of HubSpot is through connection with a personal Facebook account. Unfortunately, this is not an option for the organization I am representing as we don't use Facebook. 

Despite Instagram being one of our primary marketing channels, we are unable to connect our account with the current integration setup. This is very inconvient for us. Would you be able to find an optimal solution for that - it would be hugely appreciated!!!

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PLEASE Hubspot notice this request! 


We've had some issues with our facebook recently, and because it disconnected from our instagram I just lost two weeks worth of work in scheduling instagram posts as well as the last 9 months of instagram data I had on our hubspot. 

I'm beyond discouraged and frustrated. Please, please please figure out how to connect an instagram without it needing to be connected to a facebook account.