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In the Lead Flows tool when addding a Follow-up email,  we would like to be able to personalise this email by inserting personalization tokens much like with Sales Templates (e.g. personalise the email salutation by adding in a token for the contact's first name).


I have contacted support and received the answer that this feature is not currently available. We'd love to see this implemented!


Many thanks

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 Great suggestion & exactly what we are looking for.


How does this kind of awesome suggestion gee escalated and seen by more eyes in the forum?


Cheers, Jim

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Just came across the same issue and was surprised at how basic the follow-up email editor is!


I have since created a workflow email as a follow up to the lead flow instead since it allows tokens and a better email footer.


The follow up email editor needs:

  • Set "send from" to owner if possible, otherwise a set user.
  • Add tokens into the email
  • Email footers to be editable, such as using html email signatures instead.

Maybe just making the email WYSIWYG capable is easier for this reason?

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This would be nice for us, too. I was honestly surprised that they didn't already have it. 


I created an email used workflows to compensate. But having everything grouped together from that one screen would have been much easier.

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Would be great indeed !

If we can run it through a workflow maybe it's not as important for HS product team 

But they're pushing updates really often so 👍

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Compared to creating a workflow for each pop-up, this would be incredibly helpful. Not much point using the form follow up without personalisation available. The ability to add documents would also be very helpful!

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So surprised that this is not already a function! Pop-up form follow-up emails should definitely be able to:


  • Set sender to "owner" or a default set user;
  • Add personalisation like name etc to the follow-up email;
  • Potentially be able to add documents (when downloading a doc for example)

Come on, HubSpot - this is part of your core offering! Smiley Happy


@Maret Our company would like the same exact functions you listed. We're now going to try to create a popup outside of Hubspot with Mailchimp and try to get those features.

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The other feature to add to the above list is the ability to insert graphics.