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In the Lead Flows tool when addding a Follow-up email,  we would like to be able to personalise this email by inserting personalization tokens much like with Sales Templates (e.g. personalise the email salutation by adding in a token for the contact's first name).


I have contacted support and received the answer that this feature is not currently available. We'd love to see this implemented!


Many thanks

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 Great suggestion & exactly what we are looking for.


How does this kind of awesome suggestion gee escalated and seen by more eyes in the forum?


Cheers, Jim

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Just came across the same issue and was surprised at how basic the follow-up email editor is!


I have since created a workflow email as a follow up to the lead flow instead since it allows tokens and a better email footer.


The follow up email editor needs:

  • Set "send from" to owner if possible, otherwise a set user.
  • Add tokens into the email
  • Email footers to be editable, such as using html email signatures instead.

Maybe just making the email WYSIWYG capable is easier for this reason?

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This would be nice for us, too. I was honestly surprised that they didn't already have it. 


I created an email used workflows to compensate. But having everything grouped together from that one screen would have been much easier.

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Would be great indeed !

If we can run it through a workflow maybe it's not as important for HS product team 

But they're pushing updates really often so 👍

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Compared to creating a workflow for each pop-up, this would be incredibly helpful. Not much point using the form follow up without personalisation available. The ability to add documents would also be very helpful!

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So surprised that this is not already a function! Pop-up form follow-up emails should definitely be able to:


  • Set sender to "owner" or a default set user;
  • Add personalisation like name etc to the follow-up email;
  • Potentially be able to add documents (when downloading a doc for example)

Come on, HubSpot - this is part of your core offering! Smiley Happy


@Maret Our company would like the same exact functions you listed. We're now going to try to create a popup outside of Hubspot with Mailchimp and try to get those features.

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The other feature to add to the above list is the ability to insert graphics.

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Add personalisation tokens in the follow-up email is a must have!

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So glad to read this. Definately need the personalised tokens in follow up email Whats the point of a follow up email that cant address my customer when they just left their name in the form a few seconds back?!


Also, why does the follow up email gets sent instantaneously. I'd like to see a add lag button. Not everybody has the same kind/length of follow up email. Ours are a little long and ask further personalised questions which if given a lag make more sense.

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I'm actaully stunned that a tool like Hubspot has such a rudamentary follow-up email editor.   Given the strength of Hubspot, and the fact that the marketing email editor is leagues ahead.  


As users, we take such care to create wonderful forms, and email sequences, but we can't add a persons first name to the email we follow-up with?  Our follow-ups are so impersonal.  Seems anti-CRM to me.


Not to metion, without personaliztion, we missout on many best practices for avoiding email black listing.   Like "this email was sent to " <address>, or other techniques.


So yes, upvote this idea.   


The irony here is that the editor we are using to submit and reply to this idea is even more powerful than the follow-up email editor.







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Thank you for all your contributions to this post!


I was working with a customer and came across a workaround that will allow you to insert personalization tokens within the simple follow-up email in the forms tool.


We can use the code that inserts personalization tokens which looks like this:

  • {{contact.firstname}}

In the tests that I have ran, this code always inserted the value from the property in the contact record. So far, all my tests have been successful but I would recommend testing this in your own portal.


As a rule, you would need to structure the code as follows:

  • {{}}


If the property is two or more words (like "first name") these will need to be written as one word e.g. firstname.


I understand that this is more complex than using the default personalization token tool but I hope that some of you will be able to implement this as a solution to the current challenge. 


Please let me know if you have any questions!




(Customer Onboarding HubSpot)

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Aziehr, Allison,


Thank you for this.   There should be a blog post about this with more examples, but this is a helpful workaround for now.


I'll try it!



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HubSpot Employee

Hi @DomenicAli


Working on it as we speak! I only found this workaround today and trying to have a blog post published about this sometime next week. I will post it in this thread as soon as I have finalized and approved the post.


Wishing you a lovely weekend!




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Effectively a duplicate with this other idea. Consider merging:


Would love to see this for all forms now, not just pop-up forms.

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HubSpot Employee

Hello everyone,


Thanks so much for your patience while I was writing up a post that describes the workaround process in more detail.

You can find it linked below:


Please let me know if you have any additional questions!


Kind regards,