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Insert custom questions directly in the email body of custom surveys

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currently it is not possible to insert one or more custom questions in the email body in the custom surveys tool (method email). The contact has to click a button ("Start survey") in the email in order to give feedback. This additional "click" might cause a lower response rate. Thus it would be good, if you would be able to add one or more questions directly in the email body.


See for example the standard NPS survey in HubSpot. Here, the NPS scale is in the email body and if you click a number a page opens where you can finish the survey (see screenshot). Similar behavior would be good for custom surveys.


Screenshot 2022-11-10 091554.png

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This is one of the reasons I will not be recommending my organisation purchase the Survey bolt on.


We have also had issues with reply rates because we cannot put questions in the custom surveys. We would like either to edit the wording/questions listed in NPS/CSAT Surveys, or put questions directly on the outbound emails.