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Insert commonly/previously used hyperlinks in emails.

As someone who frequently incorporates links to products on our website in my emails to customers, it would be amazing to have the option to save these links in Hubspot. The process of going to the webpage to copy the URL then writing out the Link Text is a tedious task, especially when you are sending these links multiple times a day.

When clicking "Insert Link" in an email, a solution might be to list all recently used links, with an additional option to "Create New Link".

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I'm constantly going back to my drafts folders to fetch links. Whether it be for products, landing pages or explanation videos, the lack of this functionality constantly costs me time. Can't imagine that this would be an especially difficult thing to build, and would have a substantial impact on customers' ability to use your software effectively.

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Fantastic idea!

Colaborador ocasional

I agree, great idea and very helpful to users like me that fond they are copy and pasting a few different articles multiple times a day. 


Great idea Sam!

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This would be a huge time saver for me! Great Idea!

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Why not just setup a template with the links in it....?

Equipo de producto de HubSpot
Equipo de producto de HubSpot

Hi all!


Thank you for the idea submission! In addition to the solution presented by jnix284, you could also use our Snippets feature. More information on what a Snippet is and how to use them can be found here.