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Inline edit for single and multiple line text properties in Line items

Sometimes a Line Item in a deal require some further categorization depending on specific circumstances of the deal. We've create a few custom properties that our reps can use to provide more details about the specific line item. 


One of these custom properties is a single line text property, and is used as a description for that specific customer and is included in the invoice we're sending.


Problem:Unfortunately, single line text and multiline text properties doesn't have inline-edit available. This means that our reps need to click the name of the line item (or click "Actions > Edit") and enter the information in the Product information editor (causes friction). 

In the screenshot below, Test property 2 single line is a single line text property, that cannot be edited in-line. This seems strange since "Term" is also a singe-line text property but is editable👇

Skärmavbild 2021-08-24 kl. 16.03.34.png

In contrast, Test property 1, which is a Multitple checkboxes can be updated directly from the the Deal Line item editor. this also works with Single checkbox, radio select, dropdown select 👇

Skärmavbild 2021-08-24 kl. 16.03.55.png

What is the reason for not being able to have in-line edit for Single/multiple line text properties? 

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THIS! Is there no easy way to change a property value quickly and without going into individual records for contacts or companies, etc.???


Yes, it is really needed.


Agree. Please add inline editing for line items!


I was confused for more time than I would like to admit why THIS custom property wasn't inline-editable, while other (numbers) were... that it is a text field is just silly. Even if you could let me click the "--" and open a dialog box for edits it would be a vast improvement over [Actions]->[Edit]->scroll-to-find-field->edit.