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Inetgrate whatsapp on hubspot workflow for transactional messages

Looking to integrate whatsapp messaging with our hubspot workflow. I realized whatsapp getting whatsapp api and integrating with hubspot workflow will be very expensive and time taking. Could anyone suggest any alternative to achieve the same. Our messaging are purely notifications at transactional level. So we have no bulk marketing messaging or notifications.

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Hi @suvodeep 


Our company has developed Clara, a Virtual CRM Assistant. It connects directly to HubSpot and it turns every employees Personal WhatsApp into a productivity tool. Just recently we launched it on the app marketplace.


With Clara you can interact with HubSpot without ever leaving WhatsApp:

  •  document client conversations
  • create new contacts 
  • update pipeline opportunities
  • create new notes

The best part is that it doesn't require a chrome browser extension and can be done through the WhatsApp mobile app. Plus its completely secure: RELE.AI keeps none of your data. 


If you are interested in learning more, we can schedule a quick demo. Cheers!

Turn your Personal Whatsapp into a productivity tool!