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Individual custom availability for team Meetings links for international teams

The team calendar should allow every member to customized their available time slots. In another words have the option for default availbility to overwrite customized availbility. 


This is because if i am looking to implement a 24 hours meeting link (i.e Customized availability is set to all day). If one of my colleagues are seated in the States while I am seated in Singapore, their 12pm is my 12am.


However due to the customized availability overwriting the default availability ---> if my colleague is not available at 12pm and I did not block off myself at 12am in my Google calendar, it will identify me as available and have the option available for selection in my meeting link. This resulted in me having to block off every day when I am off work in my google calendar and it becomes really cluttered.


It will be helpful if we have a feature to block off the timing that we are off work.

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
September 19, 2021 04:34 PM

Hi Community,


Sharing an update, as we are still actively reviewing this idea, and exploring potential solutions.


We are exploring solutions that would likely address this issue, and the idea for 'User specific time zones' together, as the root problems are very related. We will first look to explore ways to solve more holistically for user time zones, and apply that solution to this case. For example, once there is a central way to pull the timezone of a user, we can then apply that timezone to shared availability in a number of ways. We are hoping to avoid a solution that would introduce a way to 'set' a timezone for users specifically in a Meetings scheduling page, or he Meetings app, and instead "pull" from the user time zones from a more centralized user setting. 


I hope this context is helpful, we will update here and on the User specific time zones ideas once we have made progress and have a set plan for when this will be prioritized!

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
April 27, 2020 03:35 PM

We are currently reviewing the ability to set individual times for users of a team meeting link across multiple timezones. I will update here once we have plans in place for a solution.




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This is very important. I have just made the same idea before seeing this one.


This is essential bing in the UK with a team 11 hours ahead in Australia.  Trying to schedule an email for later in the evening is a headache wondering if it will go when I wanted it, and updating my dashboard to get call stats for the day means i need to set a 2 day window every day, far from productive.


As a global company using Hubspot, we vote for individual time zone.


How long will the development take?


Can't stress how important it is to us. Tasks, sequences ... almost every sales activity is seriously affected.


It's an odd one, because tasks and activity in the timeline seemingly are already in your local time zone, yet you can't schedule an email and it hurts your brain to think about scheduling 11 hours ahead and it's the next day, then add the default delay of a day to it and suddenly your sending 2 days after and my mind just goes into meltdown.


Agree with this! Google Calendar work hours are great for not booking outside of the 9-5 hours, but we have sales covering certain portions of the day and it doesn't work great to have the big calendar blocks. I  have played around with creating a separate calendar for the HubSpot integration, but would be easier if it was all in one place.


I back this idea too - currently working across 3 time zones all in VERY different places across the globe and my brain hurts figuring out the time differences for our social posts so that they hit at the same time as the EDMs and the blog posts. Would be great to be able to assign timezones to users (would be great for teams, too but not if you re part of more than one team across various timezones - should the multiteam function every happen).


We are really (badly) surprised the lack of this feature, it's very problematic and extremely unpractical, we have our Sales team based in the Philippines, but also calling all over the world, and Marketing in France where we program social media post and blog, and it is complicating our day to day work in essence. This is an absolute necessary feature! 

this should also be indicated by the sales persons from Hubspot, certainly when they know the composition and different locations of your teams, (and we are subscribed to paying version of Marketing Hub.)


I can see this quite essential 'feature' - while working @ multinational organisations - was voted back in 2017 (!)

Dear Hubspot we have March 2019 ....

There are several other threads reg. 'time zones' here. May I ask what is the timeline for adding this crucial feature ???

It is really suuper weird to manage teams in EU and US with ..... one hubspot account. 

Task/meeetings/reporting .  Do I really need to add more  troublesome use cases ??? 


This is a crazy simple option that should be included we have customers across Europe and Australia so we would love to have the ability to base a workflow on a regional date and time and not the account level as this risks errors in send time and can make our data analysis look a bit odd. 


I will chime on on this one as well. Seems like pretty basic functionality that has been requested a long time ago. Is there no one at HubSpot that can respond to this thread?


Upvote! We need a better solution for round robin meetings with global offices/mutiple time zones.


This is something Calendly has, and I'd happily still pay to use Calendly, except we like the tracking that comes with Hubspot. Please, please add this feature. Anyone with a distributed team trying to cover multiple time zones needs this. Otherwise, it defeats the point of Round Robin unless we limit ourselves to having a Round Robin booking link in each time zone. 


Upvote! As a workaround we're using Acuity as our online appointment scheduling tool. We then developed a customer webhook to sync Acuity appoitments into HubSpot.


I am okay with everyone entering their availability in the organisation's HubSpot time zone - even though in reality we span several time zones - but the real problem is this configuration item for meetings: "When is the team available to take meetings?". If this is removed and the meeting page checks the team member availability then the problem is solved. This should be very easy to achieve, surely?


Google Calendar supports working hours in their settings. It would be awesome if at least this was taken into account in team calendars when showing available time slots for prospects to book.


+1 upvote!


Upvote! I was shocked to find this highly critical feature isn't available. Unfortunately, we just switched our entire marketing links over to hubspot calendars only to find out we now have to revert back. We lose our all in one system we were sold on and have to use zaps to connect everything. Really bummed but hoping hubspot sees the value and moves this into development.


Would love the ability to define individual's availability within a team meeting.


For example, John, Paul, and Ringo are in a team meeting. John works 9-5, Paul works 9-5, but Ringo works 12-7. The availability defined on the team meeting is 10-6. Ideally, the team meeting would allow Ringo to only be booked during 12-6, and John & Paul would be booked during 10-5. 


Currently, your system thinks John, Paul, and Ringo are all available from 10-6. Super bummer!


That's a great idea. Need this!



We need this. It's been two years already and 112 votes.