Individual custom availability for team Meetings links for international teams

The team calendar should allow every member to customized their available time slots. In another words have the option for default availbility to overwrite customized availbility. 


This is because if i am looking to implement a 24 hours meeting link (i.e Customized availability is set to all day). If one of my colleagues are seated in the States while I am seated in Singapore, their 12pm is my 12am.


However due to the customized availability overwriting the default availability ---> if my colleague is not available at 12pm and I did not block off myself at 12am in my Google calendar, it will identify me as available and have the option available for selection in my meeting link. This resulted in me having to block off every day when I am off work in my google calendar and it becomes really cluttered.


It will be helpful if we have a feature to block off the timing that we are off work.

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I round robin discovery call meetings amongst my AEs and some are on east coast time zone and others are on the west coast time zone.  I make the window someone can book from 9am-7pm EST but assume it will take into account the time zone of the rep.  When I had the availability from 9am-5pm it wouldn't book anyone on the west coast in the 2nd half of the day, plus my west coast prospects only had a small window to book with us.  Lack of time zone support is a problem for my sales team.


Time zone support is necessary for teams in separate time zones and will reduce the amount of times my west coast reps get booked at 6am or my east coast reps being booked at 7pm.

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Adding another vote here. We have a distributed team and it's vital that the meeting link respect local time zones. Indeed, this is part of *why* we have a distributed team: To cater to our global customer base.


In the meantime, we've elected to build our own form which allows us to redirect to team member-specific meeting links. We're using URL parameters to pass information to the embedded hubspot meeting widget so leads and customers don't need to enter information twice.

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I have multiple Sales Reps across 3 different time zones who use the same CRM portal. Presently, the fact that we cannot set time zones per reps(or, optimally, by team) is a huge issue, as we are using Google Calendar integrations to schedule meetings with clients, along with using Google Calendar independently to schedule internal web meetings. Please allo for admins to change users time zones individually(or, if possible, set a time zone for an entire team)!

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 Yes! We have the same situation. This is important to be able to schedule across a team!

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We would find this useful as well. Our sales and marketing departments are actually on separate U.S. coasts.

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Upvoting. Individual time zone recognition for Red Robin calls would be tremendously beneficial for me and my coworkers.

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I would love to see this happen. Right now we're having to artificially control when we're available by putting huge blocks of busy time on our calendars, so it constantly looks like we're all 100% booked when we try to schedule internal meetings.


I think we should all be able to set our own availability as well as the meeting settings such as minimum time between appointments and minimum notice. Ideally we could also link this to a personal meeting link so that I just have one place to maintain availability and meeting settings rather than changing it in the group meeting settings and my own personal one. Then I if I needed a different set of options, I could create another meeting link.

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I have the same issue, it would be great to be able to set these across different time zones. 

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Same - content, marketing and sales all working across the globe. For scheduling blog posts and social media posts, this is incredibly confusing and has led to multiple errors.

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I was using the group calendar (round robin) and wanted to have it so each team member can submit their individual availabilty.


For instance, we want to have sign-ups to go through our service with prospective customers. Currently, you can only select a general availability and the calendar assigns based on which team member is free. But it would be great if team member 1 could submit that on Monday they are free 12-2, Tuesday 3-5, etc.  


Also, there should be the option to have different availability each week. 

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My company is currently in the same situation - Really need a solution as we have reps in L.A and Sydney. The main reason for this functionality is reporting

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Just following up on this idea - just made a big mistake today scheduling an appointment at the wrong time because we are missing this!

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At the very minimum add the information to the Help Article that in these situations ( I make the window someone can book from 9am-7pm EST but assume it will take into account the time zone .... as above)  That the reps would need to block Non work hours on their Google Claendar  -  this is NOT inculded in the extensive Help Article and would have solved alot of frustration and 2 VERY early morning calls for my West Coast reps!!!

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Yes, we absolutely need this, and we need this NOW.  We have a global sales team, and the inability to set individual time zones creates all types of problems in this system.

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We'd love this as well. We'd like to create a Round Robin calendar for 3 reps, where Rep1 is available Tue, Rep2 Wed and Rep3 Thu. 

And then let our contacts choose whichever day they prefer Smiley Happy

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This would be helpful and honestly a bit confusing why the round robin tool wasn't built to pull each individual's availability.  The availability is already recorded in HubSpot for the individual meeting links, just have the Round Robin meetings consider that individual availability and we're set.  

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I think that for a platform like Hubspot is totally necessary to adapt a timeZone for "Meeting" and "LiveChat" tools.

We have a team in US and France and at present it s very complicated for a lead or a customer to connect the good team.

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Agreed here. Additionally, support for Google Calendar's Working Hours feature is almost a must if Round Robin meetings are being used...because it's almost useless to have a round robin meeting setup if it's not honoring individual availablility. 

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This also affects the way that tasks show up we just learned. Tasks due today won't show up for our Germany team because our global setting is set to support our U.S. sales team. This is a real headache. Users should be able to set their time zone in the profile and preferences.

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 In addition to the meeting challengs this is creating, we are also having in issue with forecasting.  Depending on where a rep is located and when they update a deal it pushes the deal to the next quarter.  We have a number of deals  not forecasting correctly because this time stamp is also applied to close date.