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Individual custom availability for team Meetings links for international teams

The team calendar should allow every member to customized their available time slots. In another words have the option for default availbility to overwrite customized availbility. 


This is because if i am looking to implement a 24 hours meeting link (i.e Customized availability is set to all day). If one of my colleagues are seated in the States while I am seated in Singapore, their 12pm is my 12am.


However due to the customized availability overwriting the default availability ---> if my colleague is not available at 12pm and I did not block off myself at 12am in my Google calendar, it will identify me as available and have the option available for selection in my meeting link. This resulted in me having to block off every day when I am off work in my google calendar and it becomes really cluttered.


It will be helpful if we have a feature to block off the timing that we are off work.

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I join you on this matter as we have teams in Asia, Europe and US, and having to set in our calendar all out of business hours makes the calendar very cluttered.

If that could be made easier, that would be great!

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We are currently reviewing the ability to set individual times for users of a team meeting link across multiple timezones. I will update here once we have plans in place for a solution.





@glencornell To be clear, it's not just about different time zones. I have people all in the same location that need to be able to set custom availability for a team meeting link based on their schedule.

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This would be a very helpful feature for our teams as well! 




One suggestion I would give that I am implementing is creating a group calendar by time zone and then using conditional logic to trigger which one is showing based on the region of the ip address or the timezone of the user. It's not perfect, especially with close overlapping timezones but for those that are opposite, it could be the trick you're looking for while Hubspot works on fixing this. 

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This is a couple of years down the line and we still don't have this.


A basic implementation:


1. Each user has a time zone, which defaults to the systems time zone. The user can set it to handle e.g. East Coast and West Coast.


2. The meeting reads the office hours of Google or Office 365 settings.


YES! We're struggling with this as well. It seems like one thing that would help is if HubSpot was reading the "working hours" that are set in our Outlook Calendars. Each member of our team has their working hours set in their Outlook Calendar and shouldn't be seen as "available" outside of those hours.


I agree! We have sales team members in different time zones, and we want to round robin their sales meetings with new leads, but make sure that they aren't being booked outside of their normal work hours. The workaround is to block off time before/after their "normal" workday, but this prevents them from being scheduled for other meetings that they may want to particpate in. 


This functionality would be great since our company operates in different continents. Such a feature will enable us to set our team's availability for meetings based on their available timings in different time zones, working hours, etc. 

Hope it will be implemented soon and looking forward for it! 


I'm shocked to see that such basic functionality isn't implemented. We're about to downgrade because of this or even move to a different solution altogether. Has there been any progress on getting this feature added?




If you had multiple dropdowns for multiple time zones, then allowed us to assign users to the different time zones, this would work pretty nicely. I don't think the standard availability is the issue, i.e. a 9-5 across the board would work, as long as it considers the grouping of the time zones. This may not be ideal for every use case, but it's a happy medium. 

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As i go further down the rabbit hole of configuring Hubspot for our organisation, discovering yet another simple function that is not yet implemented.  Like everyone else, i have a global team.  I want one link to send to my customers when they want to speak to one of our team, and see the availability for a meeting dependant on where they are, not just set to one timezone.  Crazy!! Either use individual avialability, or office hours from the calendar, or allow multi-timezones.  Going to have to send multiple meeting links to our customers and let them chose now to accomodate this.


Crazy, please hubspot!!


Another vote - not because of time zones, however. We just have individual members on our round robins that arent available within certain times. Creating all these calendar events to block off the times gets super messy and prone to error. 


We want to be able to set individual availability within the round robins. 


Please don't make the solution to this dependent on time zones. It would be much more flexible to have custom groupings of employees each with its own schedule. We mostly have everyone in the same time zone, however, we have several different schedule requirements. To echo GSivakumar's point, it is very messy and unreliable to have everyone block their calendars for when they're not available.


I think the consensus is clear that many HubSpot users need this feature!


+1 vote here. I set the availaibility of the round robin for 8am-7pm, but not all team members are available. We need to input their individual availability on top of the general one. If it could synchronize with Google Calendar's working hours feature it would fix the issue.