HubSpot Ideas


Individual CTA pages should have an overview of the blogs/pages where said CTA appears

Although this feature exists on the general CTA overview page, it would be useful to have this information available after clicking on an individual CTA as well...


Even better, would be if some CTR/Submission info were avaialable for each individual blog/page on each individual CTA page.


(It used to be available on each blog page to see how well each CTA performs, which is preferrable because one CTA might perform quite well on one page but not on another. Having this information available again would be extremely useful)


An example: I have an article "Why Hubspot Rules!". In this article, I have 3 different CTAs for 3 different landing pages. However, all 3 of these CTAs also appear on other blog articles as well. I currently have no way of seeing how well each CTA performs on each individual blog. I can only see the overall/total click-rate and submission rate for the CTA.