Indication of how many tasks I have created on each day when scheduling new task

I feel that having some indication on this part of the UI of the number of tasks we have created for each day would be beneficial. 


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For instance, if I wanted to contact this individual on the 25th. Do I have two tasks scheduled that day or 30? I'd have to go digging in my task list to double check, I can't see it at a glance.   


There have been many days where I schedule 2/3  meetings (which can take an hour of my time), only to realize I had 15 check in calls, 30 emails, what have you on the same day.  Now I will have to reschedule the tasks I have left over for another day, but which day?  If I am not careful I will move those left over calls to another busy day and before you know it I accidentally have 75+ things to do on Friday.

Right now my solution is to put tick marks on a paper calendar on my desk, but if things get hectic and I forget to tally my follow-ups, I'm right back to where I started.

Please Hubspot, help me out here!

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I would like to see a heatmap when I am planning a new task for a follow up. So if there was some kind of color code which would allow to see in a glance which days are already full with tasks I would be better able to plan my week.calendar.png

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When we are working with a customer and need to set a task to follow up it would be great to see any tasks already assigned to that day for that rep so we don't overbook.

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Hi @sharefaith  Great suggestion. I'm going to move this over to the ideas forum for further comment. 


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Great idea! It would be helpful to know so you're not overscheduled.

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YES! This would be so helpful. It's very difficult for me to know how much time I need to dedicate to completing my list of tasks each day and I hate when some days are extremely full and others nearly empty. Being able to forecast what days are the busiest, and not schedule additional tasks on those days, would help me better manage my time. This would be tremendously helpful!