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Increased sales activity reporting capabilities

Sales team members spend a lot of time researching and cleansing prospects, which (currently) is not fully transparent within Hubspot's activity reporting.  It would be great if the ability to track and report on things like:  Recent changes to email address, recent changes to phone number, updating LinkedIn information and when those changes were made.  This provides insight and value to the cleansing / prospecting work our sales team does everyday to keep their pipelines healthy.


I'm sure there are more metrics that would be helpful, but those are the ones I'm missing at this very moment 😉


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I love this Apryl and we have talked about this while building the sales pipeline process. Data collection is an essential part of the cleansing process. Researching your prospect to make sure they are a good fit for your pipeline. Gathering  information like GateKeeper or assistant's name, KDM's email address, title, direct phone number, the number of employees, and KDM status. (influencer, promoter, or final decision-maker.)   All of these things you can add in notes but in order to track KPI's you need to see the activity leading up to a Sales Qualified Lead. To create a sales training and pipeline management process you have to be able to see all the moving parts inside of the machine. 




That is so insightful @AOgle !  Thanks for adding to this idea!