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We're a B2B company with an external sales team. One report that our management staff tends to watch is "quotes per sales associate." We're pretty new to SalesPro and it's quoting features. We are currently tracking this data manually and I feel like it might be a relativly easy, and useful add-in. Thanks for any consideration!

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Thanks for raising this.  I spoke to support about this yesterday as it's also a critical KPI measure for our business. Our Productivity Dashboards show activity in terms of Call, Task, Email, Note, Meeting, and - ideally - Quotes would appear here too.


Hopefully this is one that gets support as I would imagine many businesses would find value in being able to quickly view total numbers of quotes and to click through to the finer detail.  I imagine it would be a relatively straight forward development to add it in.





Yes this would be a good addition to help sales teams see the success of their efforts in more detail.  Hope it gets developed.


Thanks for raising this. Hope it gets developed soon!

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In addition to quotes per sales rep, I'd like to see a report or object area that can show all quotes on a single screen.


Agreed, would be very helpful!

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Totally agree. Our client would find it really useful to eport on the Quotes done by the team, and/or per team member.


Plus, each Quote template should have a field for Terms & Conditions. Theses are crucial for most businesses to add into their quotation documents. Currently, having to do this by 'Snippets' is not efficient for each rep to do every time they create a quote.


This would be great to have so we can track how many quotes are sent daily and by whom.


Also helps track success and conversion


I would like to see quotes as an option in reporting and lists.  In addition, payment made / quote signed / quote approved  would be even more useful if the were added to events (and sales productivity) as mentioned above.  


While a report is created at least one "export" option in this screen would be ok for the meantime... this tool with no data extract losses its force!



Pretty mind-boggling that this idea was created in 2018, and now in 2020, the suggestion still hasn't been added to HubSpot. This seems like a super easy thing to add.. Really sad face


I agree, this is a really important feature for us. Will add huge value for both our sales and marketing teams


In sales quotes are an integral KPI to be reported in any business. Additionally, sales forecast is also needed. THis is where HubSpot does not excel at all. Please enable quote reporting and sales forecasting.


I think this is an integral feature and should be done as soon as possible. I can't report correctly on quotes as the current reporting feature using Deals isn't 100% accurate and have been told I am missing some from my reports. I spend more manual time now making sure the reports are 100% than I did using our old system! 


Would love to hear of a report that works for you for Quotes Created and Quotes Won! I am using two deals reports but because they are all based off of when the Deal was created, not when the quote was created, it isn't accurate. Also, the quote creation isn't an activity! So we can't report off of Activities either 😞 



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Hi all, i would love to share some ideas and thoguhts on the Quotes Package of what we would find useful additions.  It is a great tool to have within Hubspot and with some development will be a major asset.  Here are my thoughts:


  • Enable custom branding - colour schemes and logos
  • Reporting, Reporting, Reporting
    • Per sales person
    • Team performance
    • Conversion rate
    • Avg order
    • Time to close 
    • etc
  • You need to be able to analays the margins and profitability of the quotes at an immediate glance
    • Products AND labour items to help differentiate between material costs and labour (appreciate that may not apply to all businesses)


These are some initial ideas I can see that would be a huge selling point for Hubspot and what we consider essential in order to use this functionality.


WOuld love to hear some other peoples thoughts.





This is a must for me and our team, the ability to report on quotes is critical 


We need to be able to see margin per quote as we work on profit not revenue 


I would love to be able to update Quote / Deal associations from the "quotes" page!


We are just about to use quotes in our new Sales Pro and this is going to be so critical to our process, really looking forward to see this soon



Adding my support for this idea, this leaves a large gap in the quote feature.


We have customised our Deal pipeline to reflect quotes... so our states are
-Pitch Completed

-Quote Sent

-Quote Confirmed (with customer)
-PO Received


-Long term holding (aka deal purgatory but common in our industry when dealing with grant applications)

I would love to be able to dig down into the data of a quote to create specific customer profiles and their buying habits (time and types of products)