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Increased number of widgets per reports dashboard

It would be really helpful if we could add more than 10 widgets per reports dashboard. Right now we have it set up so each salesperson has their own dashboard, but I can only show a limited amount of information. I could create multiple dashboards per salesperson, but that is just going to get confusing and will be a hassle if we always have to switch between. 


It seems like this would be an easy fix, but maybe there is a hurdle I am unaware of.

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I totally agree, need more than 10 widgets per report dashboard. 20 widgets per report dashboard would be better.


Need a few more widget spots on a report that we will only review 1x/mo or for a quarterly report for management. We will not purchase the Reports Add-on for these few spots. It is cost prohibitive. 



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

More than 10 reports and the ability to catagorize them.