Increase the number of properties for each deal card.


We need to add more deal card properties in our Hubspot deal boards (up to six rows). Currently, we can choose only two properties, which is not as convenient for us. Now it looks like this: 


What we want to achieve is something like this (filters used just for examples):


As I can see, the feature to edit deal card view has been added recently, which is excellent news, but what we need is to extend it a bit, alleviate the limit, which only prevents us from using the full power of this feature.

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I think this will be extremly helpful we have different client verticals and as the head of sales I want to be able to take a look at my pipeline and see what rep the deal is assigned to and what vertial aka industry is assigned to it and the value. It is a pain to click through every single one. 


Thanks Angela


I think this would be a good idea too.


I'm actually looking for a solution where on different pipelines i can use different properties to view on each.


I really need this to happen!!