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Increase the maximum allowed size on file uploads in forms

The maximum limit of 100MB per file is not nearly large enough if we are to include file uploads as part of our support form.


Our visitors will often need to include files many times larger than that if the Support File Upload will be of any value.


We would happily pay extra for a functionality that allowed us to recieve files of 100GB+ as it would be of great value.


Any suggestions on how we can sove this?

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Contributeur occasionnel

Great idea! We have crash and dump files that are far larger than 100MB. 


Here as well, we need large file sizes for the support form. Our log files can be up to 1GB. The file manager seems to be able to handle larger files - so I think this should be feasible with current infrastructure. Maybe a custom file size limit would be the best solution (some other teams might want to avoid large files).


I think it should also be included for free in Service Hub Pro and larger plans. Could be a differentiator for lower tier plans. However, we would also be willing to pay for this. An alternative solution would be to allow extensions, that can upload larger files.



btw it would be ok for us, if this would only work for the support form

Contributeur occasionnel

if we compose a mail the file attachment limit is only 10mb is there any way we can have that increased?