Increase the limit to the number of associated records that could be updated via a workflow


Currently, there's a limit on how many associated records can be updated via a workflow action. The limit is 100 associated records. As there could be more than 100 deals or 100 contacts associated with a company, the workflow will not copy the properties to all the deals/contacts. 

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Would be great to see the 100 associated record limit lifted, or at maybe changed so that Workflows would affect the 100 most recently created associated objects rather than what it seems to be now which is just the 100 first associated objects to be affected by the Workflow.


We use the "copy properties" function to pull data into new Deals and Tickets from their associated Company. This has been very useful for our team, saving them from having to navigate back and forth between records and facilitating external reporting done in Excel using Hubspot Ticket/Deal exports. The 100 associated object limit on this and other Workflow functions means that we need set up individual Ticket and Deal Workflows for each Company with more than 100 associated objects. As we continue to use Hubspot, this will require more and more manual upkeep to create new Company specific Workflows, periodically check for new Companies that have reached the 100 associated object threshold and manually update these Workflows if the Company data changes. Overall this is a very clunky workaround that opens the door inadvertant mistakes on the users part.


This issue is compounded by the lack of a native "Associated Tickets" Company property to be able to filter against to identify Companies with more than 100 associated Tickets (see or


This! deserves to have more upvotes.


Definitely needed.


We started using Hubspot with a starting record count of 16K+ tickets, with some company's owning thousands on their own. Having workflows stop at the first 100 it hits does not work for us. Had we known this limitation, we may have considered starting fresh in the new system so as to have less than 100 records per customer to begin with.


Why is this limit in place? Is there a deficiency in database transactions?


We really need this limit increased, even to 1000, for now, would be a step forward.






I have to generate tasks for myself to go in and update a given property for all associated contacts for companies that have more than 100 contacts. It's tedious and should be automated. Please increase the limit! We have many companies with more than associated 100 contacts, and increasing the limit to something more reasonable like 500 or 1,000 would save me so much time.