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Increase sequence enrollment daily limit

Hi there, 

currently there is a daily limit of 150 sequence enrolments. 

Normally this is fine, but we are finding after we come back from the weekend, we are slammed with contacts that need to be enrolled in a sequence and once we hit that limit all work comes to a halt and we cant complete our workload. We would have to create individual tasks to remind us to set sequence on another day. 


we use sequences in 2 ways;

1 - when in communication with clients, we respond to their queries, then start a sequence to follow up

2 - to set up phone calls with new sales qualified leads. 


with this combo, we are going to keep hitting 150 at the start of the week. 

will this limit be increased? at the very least for sales professional - which we just upgraded to 



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There are many, valid reasons to increase the daily enrolment limit.

Currently I am on an excelerated Ramp, but due to the enrolment limit I cannot hit my target company or contact numbers until after 7 days. I understand the reasons in some situations to have a limit, but as a sales tool, I need the ability to have my sequence ready to go after a day or two. not 7 business days. 


Seasonally we would like to wish our customers and prospective clients greetings.
As we grow this number in HubSpot I found 150 fell short by several hundred.


I believe this would be an important feature to have 2000 emails or sequences sent out at any given time. 


Allow sequence automation in workflows that creates a queue. This will allow for backlog of daily sends.

HubSpot Product Team

We are investigating making changes to the 150 daily enrollment limit.


Sequences is a 1:1 email tool connected directly to your personal inbox, so high daily send volumes (IE: 1000+) can have very negative impacts on your sending deliverability. The 150 limit was created to encourage the practice of personalizing each send and to help prevent a user from getting into a situation where there were too many emails going out of their inbox --- thus potentially jeopardizing their sending domain.


The 150 limit today is something we are giving a second look, as it can limit some very legitimate use cases. We are investigating some solutions to change the way sequences limits work today, designed to more closely match the limits of your email service providers (Gmail, Outlook). 


Our hope is that we can create better limits to allow you more flexibility on a daily basis, while also properly throttling each user to prevent rate limiting or other negative outcomes from your email providers. 


If anyone would like to share their thoughts, or be part of this research, please feel free to send me a direct message, and we can set up a call for our research.




- Glen



For certain there are use cases where >150 contacts should be enrolled into a sequence simultaneously.  


I'm now reconfiguring an entire outreach campaign to accomodate the limit.   Sad face.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! 


We've released a number of updates to sequences on March 3rd, including a new, more flexibile sending limits in sequences. We've removed the 150 daily enrollment limit and will instead limit at 500 automated follow-up emails per day for professional, and 1000 automated follow-up emails for enterprise. When your daily send limit is now hit, you will no longer be locked out from sending more sequences, instead you will be able to schedule those sends for a different day. This is available now for all Sales Professional, Sales Enterprise, Service Professional, and Service Enterprise seats.


You can read more about the changes in the link to the release below:

[Now Live] Advanced Sequences