Increase item limit for Team Activity Report

Currently the "Team Activity" report on the Sales Dashboard is limited to 20 items in the feed.  It would be nice to be able to make that bigger (user configurable to say, 50 or 100 or unlimited).

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I don't understand the thought process behind this. This hinders my ability to provide accurate report to upper management. This is Crazy.

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The details must be all there - its just a functionality not made available to use - how can this be added into the reporting?

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I'm at a loss... This lack of being able to see my entire years worth of logged emails (thats the setting I currently have set) is ridiculous. Hubspot forces you to go to your Outlooks sent folder to see what emails you have logged past twenty days. My questions to you Hubspot is why is there a setting to see your entire year when in reality you can only see emails from the past 20 days. Common HubSpot where's your foresight and ingenuity in getting this resolved???

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This is critical to our team as well. When you have a good amount of team members using HubSpot and you need to manage all the activities we are doing to interact with our customers and prospects, 20 is definitely not enough.

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This would be very helpful!

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We have 5 team members and more than 300 activities per day. The supervisor should have access to all activities to double check and plan tasks for the next day/days. It's very very important and needs to be done, asap! 

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I'm surprised that this still hasn't been implemented, is all developmental work at Hubspot going on making the platform look nice?


Bump! This would be great, as managers you don't have a way to stay close to activity without jumping into each deal and analyzing. We want to make sure the deals are moving. Please help that out. 

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Would be huge for us and our team, especially as we continue to expand. 

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Totally need this!