Increase decimal places on Products costs

Currently creating products in the product libary. The pricing and cost fields are limited to the standard 2 decimal places. We have products that we charge £0.00X for. 

It would be nice if you could increase the imposed limit on the costing decimal place.  

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Regular Contributor | Partner

We need this on discount percentages as well - otherwise after applying some discounts, we get rounding issues.


Typical example: a company will have a monthly fee and an annual fee. Paying annually gets 2 months free. So typical practice would be to discount the price by 8.333333%

But HubSpot rounds this to 8.33% which then results in annual costs that have a few cents over.

The workaround at the moment is to then create a flat fee discount line for the few cents, so that the total is a nice round number. But it's a clunky workaround.

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Agreed! This is a very important part of our pricing and quoting.