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Increase Storage Limits for Email Templates

We are currently at the limit of 1,000 email templates for all paid plans.   Please increase this cap.


We strongly encourage our sales reps to take an entrepreneurial approach to their interaction and outreach to inbound prospects.  Creating and experimenting with different email templates is one way they do this.  With our sales team growing past 100 people, having 1,000 templates is stifling to our sales team creativity and hinders our growth as a sales org. 


Please increase the storage cap past 1,000 templates.  Having more storage capacity for email templates is something we need.

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Our team is very active with creating and experimenting with different emails and sequencs.  The current limit of 1,000 templates puts contraints on our ability to create and test new emails.


As a 100 person sales orginization, a 1,000 template limit does not allow much room for our team to continue to create and experiment with our outreach.

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+1 to this. Our team is MUCH smaller & we just hit this limit. Can't imagine how difficult this is for larger teams. 

@austinpostler - did you all look for other solutions here like an email outreach tool? We're considering purchasing an enablement tool for our Sales team, so would be curious if yours has done much of the same.


@Anonymous We do not utilize any other solutions. We changed our processes to adapt to the storage constraints.  We standardized email outreach for frequent, high volume scenarios and made use of these templates required.  We still encourage experimentation but this is limited to niche scenarios that have a low volume outreach.  This has helped for now.


+1 we are facing the same issue only after a few month using sequences.


+1 - we have 4 SDRs and 4 AEs on Sales Pro. This is forcing us to purge old templates weekly.




+1 This idea. We are a growing team and all sales reps have their own approach/ way of doing/ saying things.

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Hey folks!


I'm happy to report that the email template limit has now increased! Thank you so much for your feedback, it greatly helped us deliver this feature. 


Along with templates, we've increased the limit for snippets, documents, playbooks, and documents. New limits are in the chart below.





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