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Increase Limit of Reports on Dashboards

Currently there is a 20 report limit on the dashboards, it would be super helpful to have this be maybe 30 or even 50. For displaying different time periods of data for our team in different ways we are really using these heavily to visualize our customers, orders, opportunities and more. Having to switch between different dashboards isn't everyone's favorite thing to do, having the option to have more in one page would be amazing.

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20 Reports per Dashboard is not enough. We need more Reports per Dashboard and would love to see a increase of the limits. 


It would be immensely helpful for have the number of reports on dashboards increased above 20. There are circumstances where we need to show segmented data and require breaking down larger reports into smaller ones that quickly result in needing to create two dashboards that should be contained in one. 

The modular functionality that was added to the dashboard visualization has made the need for additional reports critical to our work since we have more formatting options than in the past. 


20 reports per dashboard is not sufficient enough.

We need more than 30 reports per dashboard as each dashboard represents a different KPI.


Hi there! It looks like the HubSpot Product team recently increased the limit from 20 reports to 30 reports:


Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 11.56.57 AM.png


Please upgrade to unlimited reports in a dashboard. I've hit the wall at 30 and was just getting started. Huge bummer.


The purpose of the Dashboards are to allow visualization of reports/lists/webactivity - why would this be capped at all??