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Incoming Chat Notifications Not enough

We have big problems to notice when a visitor is chatting with us, the sound is not enough at all, and notifications are not enough.


We suggest to use another way to notify, maybe a native software app to manage chats, I don't know, but we are missing many chats due to low volume, hubspot tab closed by error and other things that with other softwares as LiveChat Inc we were not facing.

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November 22, 2022 02:54 AM

@BraedonO Out of the multiple considerations, one of them is to provide a list of sounds to choose from for a few types of notifications but not an option to import your own file.

November 22, 2022 02:19 AM

Wow! Harsh over there @Cassidy552 but I guess it is part of the job.


We got many complaints when we changed the sound to something stronger last year and we had to go back to a softer sound. We definitely understand that one sound won't cut for everyone and we need to provide a variety to choose from. However, in my opinion, even that would not be enough. For notifications that are urgent like calling and chat, we need to provide a better way to notify users and make the whole urgent notification experience better. The reason this idea has been moved to "Being Reviewed" stage is because we have been working towards improving this experience across multiple teams at HubSpot along with providing better experiences for you in other places in HubSpot.

At this point, we are processing about a billion notifications a month and we also need to do a lot of work to ensure that our systems work smoothly without interruptions which is something that you can't see as a feature as a customer.
Think of this work as the "bass guitar" of the band. You will hardly notice it when it is there but you will definitely miss it when it is not.

April 07, 2022 03:58 AM

@fabstilelook You will need to make sure the sound is ON under Settings > Notifications > Desktop > Sound and Appearance. The option says "play a sound when you receive a new pop-up notification".

April 06, 2022 03:53 AM

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for your feedback!

In February, we worked with a sound engineer to release a new sound.   

We’d love it if you could give us feedback on your experience with the new sound.

Thank you!

Being Reviewed
June 01, 2020 01:42 PM

Thanks! We are in the process of reviewing our current notification set up and options and will update this post with more info in the next couple of months. 

December 31, 2018 06:40 PM

Thanks for your feedback! @HubspotUser12 @SandyMrSteam @DBuckleyLeadG2 would you mind elaborating on your ideal solution here? We have added a large number of different in app, browser, sound, and email notification options for chat to our notification center, so it would be great to know what your workflows are where there are gaps we're missing!

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We really need a "ringing" option or something that really stands out as we are constantly missing chats! to the point i am considering paying for a chat option.


Hi Hubspot... It seems it's not just me experiencing issues with the chat.  The chat is a SUPER IMPORTANT part of my site and I love the hubspot chat BUT... I keep missing LIVE CHATS because:


1. No REPEATED RINGING...  In a busy print office we need constant loud ringing to repeat over and over to let us know someone is waiting in live chat... And Every time a message comes through also - not just at the beginning of the conversation!


2. We don't always have the apps / Google chrome open and we still need the ringing and notifications to come through.

3. Often I might be out and about and with TAWK the mobile device app works so well.  I get clear ringing and CANNOT miss the chat.  But with Hubspot I might get a little notification but I get notifications all the time from hubspot for all other emails.  We need the RINGING and the notifications to work reliably whether out on the road or in the office moving around.

4. We have tried SLACK but again there is no ringing option or repeat message notifications so we miss the chats.


Because of this I have to move my chat to TAWK as I am simply missing too many live chats.


I hope this clarifies the big issues everyone is experiencing right back to 2018 and I hope a solution can come soon.


I still can't believe how little attention this issue has gotten. Why offer livechat if it's barely a working solution?


We use Slack so as a workaround as we have live chat notifications come through as an alert on Slack.


In Slack we have a setting switched on so that the Slack icon at the bottom of our screen will bounce up and down until the notification is read. It also pings when the initial notification comes through. 


This has helped for now, but it still means we have a few different members of the team all having to clear their Slack notification and check that the chat has been responded to.


I highly doubt they will ever fix this issue.. This has now been ongoing for over 3 years with not a word of hope. We've since begun looking for alternatives due to the lack of care hubspot shows its customers. Disappointing.


Infact they have litteraly made close to 0 changes to their entire platform in over 3 years. It is still the same hunk of **bleep** it was 3 years ago. Honestly embaressing, and i have no idea what they do on a daily basis, but clearly twidling their thumbs waiting for their inevitable demise. 


Today I contacted tech support about this issue with missing incoming chats and the response I got was this: 

"Thanks again for calling in earlier! Unfortunately, the product team doesn't have any other options for different bell noise types or a better way to emphasize those live chat notifications. I do think this would be a great feature request for our ideas forum as our product experts constantly browse this forum in search for new ideas for future product implementation. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience and please let me know if you have any other questions on this topic!"

It is not acceptable for my company to miss incoming leads from our website, the investment is too high and the value of these leads to great to leave as is.  I will be looking for an alternate solution, so that our marketing/website investment is not being wasted.  You would wonder if HubSpot's competition is watching these chats as my inbox is filling up with other options.....


This has been an ongoing feature request for so long and it makes no sense
to me how they have ignored it. If chat is part of your strat then just
accept that you need to use TAWK or another supplier. Hubspot just don't
care about this.


ugh... another incredibly simple request that a talented programmer could fix in a few hours with years of empty promises that it's being worked on. You guys have such great potential but make it so difficult to work with all the empty promises (i.e. ticket support in the app).



Please HubSpot!!! This is basic functionality that almost all web chat software providers offer!

We are currently migrating to HubSpot and were very very disappointed to identify that HubSpot doesn't provide this capability. 


As a business with staff using many different applications and teams in different locations- a ringing capability is really crucial to providing responsive and timely service to our customers or potential customers. 


Overall the HS web chat functionality is very very basic with other important features lacking. 


So I switched from Hubspot to Livechat and our incoming chats have resulted in 10X'ing the qualified lead generation from our website.  This is partially due to missed chats, and partially to better options within the settings.  Yes, Livechat will cost you but not near what the lost sales did.  


If HS improves their live chat, I would consider returning but our investment in our website is too high to miss out on the leads it is generating.

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Is there an update on this?


The chat notification options we're given aren't enough as many many other users have mentioned.


We need the option of choosing varying sounds. Loud, repetitive sounds that don't go away until a rep addresses the chat.  


I see that this was being "reviewed" in June 2020, which is great. Please let us know the update on this. Thank you!  



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To anyone who is following this thread - I just reached out to a CS rep with HubSpot to get a status update on this issue. Here was the reply


I was able to hear back from the Product Team and there is no current update to give. This is still in review as they have not made a decision on whether to move forward or not. The suggestion was given to make sure you bookmark the community post and just continue to check in every so often to see if there are any new updates as you have done so now. 🙂


As this is important for many of us we may need to be a "squeaky wheel" and bring this to their attention a bit more frequently. 😜


I'm already blue in the face.  We ultimately could not wait any longer and had to move to a different chat tool.  Unfortuantely, we lost the integration with Hubspot, but it was so important to us that we did it anyway.  Now we manually attach chat transcripts to the contact 😞


If they would just expose an API, we could build our own notification app (we are a software development firm), but they won't do that either. 

We decided to end our relationship with HS all together and moving over to another CRM… so glad to not have to deal with this anymore…

Very little reason to use Hubspot. There are many great CRM's out there and unfortunetley the staff at Bubspot simply don't care. Such a simple implementation... Yet they are simply to lazy to resolve these issues.. We have moved and helped many others migrate to other platforms as it is extremely clear after our dealings with Hubspot that they will not offer you any support.


Extremely disappointed. Trying to get basic improvements onto the HubSpot development roadmap is next to impossible.


Yes please! I don't get notifications on my @ mentions in Comments, and it makes things harder to manage!


Any updates on this issue? Can't find a proper solution either for our teams being notified for incoming chats while working on other programs and windows.

Choosing different audio signals and lenghts would help. Also an dependency to the chat status of a user. If my status is offline I should not receive notifications.


Sound notification have to be longer than just a beep when live chat arrives. We are using this as real time support, and if it can't notify, that little red dot is good enough. So please, let there be sound.
We don't like to use anymore, we started to implement all on same place, HubSpot. But this is quite huge thing to us. And on Mobile, it not even beep...