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Incoming Chat Notifications Not enough

We have big problems to notice when a visitor is chatting with us, the sound is not enough at all, and notifications are not enough.


We suggest to use another way to notify, maybe a native software app to manage chats, I don't know, but we are missing many chats due to low volume, hubspot tab closed by error and other things that with other softwares as LiveChat Inc we were not facing.

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This is so important and so needed. It's a major issue that the only way customer service will have an immediate notification is if they have the window for chat open and they are just staring at it. (Which is not likely or productive.) 


We need a way to notify people immediately when they've been assigned a chat (so they can respond right away) and this needs to be via sound notifications. 


I cannot stress the importance of adding this notificationfunction. Without sound notifications that happen when people are logged in, with the window minimized, the tool is a liability, as many chats gtet missed and customers are unhappy. The chat function was a primary reason we licensed ServiceHub. We need to make this work very, very soon. 

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Thanks for your feedback! @HubspotUser12 @SandyMrSteam @DBuckleyLeadG2 would you mind elaborating on your ideal solution here? We have added a large number of different in app, browser, sound, and email notification options for chat to our notification center, so it would be great to know what your workflows are where there are gaps we're missing!

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Sure thing - if you look at other tools/apps out there - they can have an audible notification even if the tool isn't in use but is open. For instance, Slack is an example where you can have the Slack app open on your computer but be doing something else like answering emails or on your web browser, etc. and you will still get a sound notification when you have a new message. 


However, with the Live Chat tool in hubSpot - unless you have that page open on your computer and it's the only thing you are doing (which is highly unlikely for most people) then you don't get a sound notification. If you have another tab open, etc. then no sound. That is the issue we're facing. Thanks for asking! 


I am really hoping to get this problem solved as we too are facing the same issue. I have tapped on all possible Notifications  but still some chats are missed. I used to receive an email when a new chat was opened but I don't know if it is because we have started using a bot on the chat but I don't receive that anymore...


This issue was marked as solved here:

Yet since it was marked as solved a dozen different people have been complaining about this exact issue.

Hoping that putting this here will help to show HubSpot how frustrated users are with conversations


We are also having this issue and need a way to make louder sound or maybe an alert that comes back after time...something.  It sounds like it's a great deal until you start using and realize it's missing important pieces.  It alerts nicely for the customer side, but not the hubspot user.


I fully agree with this. The bloop-bleep sound is not enough. Would be great if we could upload another sound. Thanks!


Upvote on this. We have the same problem.


Same issue here, there needs to be an audible ring of some sort that does not stop unless answered or the customer leaves the chat.


Same issue here. We were using Olark chat and if the rep wasn't on that tab, the tab would start blinking a different color when they had a new chat. The native browser notifications are not good enough because they get many other notification. 


We have asked that they just keep the window open for now, however if this isn't fixed sooner rather than later, we are going to have to go back to Olark.


I agree!


Absolutely a must!


I totally agree, that's a big issue for Hubspot chat. We have the same problem here. Hope it's solved quickly. 


We were planning on switching to the Hubspot Chat however it is absolutely necessary that incoming chats can be easily and quickly noticed by our staff.

Our current chat tool offers a continuous ring tone / sound for that

(as well as notifications on the desktop, that don't disapear right away). You don't have to have the chat inbox open.

As many other users have already mentioned correctly, it is simply not enough to have a quick notification and then nothing.

Our people don't stare at the same tab all day. The notification should not stop until a member of the staff has responded to the chat or until a predefined time has passed and an automated message is displayed in the chat.


What we need is a continuous audible notification similar to a phone ringing that continuously plays until someone takes the chat.  It has to pound us mercilessly until someone responds. 


Ideally, we would have the ability to "reject" the notification (to stop the ringing) for situations where we are in a meeting or actually on the phone, and need the audio to go away... but then it is a conscious decision to ignore the notification, rather than an unconscious "tuning-out" of a brief notification like we have today. 


I'm looking at spending significant dollars for an alternative chat program simply because the approach HubSpot uses today for notifications is insufficient. 


As a programmer myself, I understand it may be difficult for the HubSpot team to understand why a tone, popup, and email are insufficient, but consider that we may be looking elsewhere when the popup displays, and we might not have our email client up on the screen, and a single tone is just too easy to miss, especially if you are already engaged in an audio conversation (Skype for example) where you are actively trying to tune-out other distractions so you can focus on the conversation (something I do all the time).


It seems, given the numerous threads I myself have responded to on this subject, that this would no longer be a question that requires further feedback from the community.  I've had meetings directly with the HubSpot developers where I've explained the challenge in detail, but it seems that either (1) HubSpot doesn't agree with our arguments, or (2) there is some technical or business decision that goes against making a change, or (3) HubSpot are working on a solution but have not made it public yet.


As painful as it is to support a desktop application (I know because that's what I do for a living), I think that's what is needed, and it seems likely this is the reason why HubSpot hasn't addressed this issue.  We need an app that resides in the icon tray that provides notifications regardless of whether we have our browser open to HubSpot (I regularly close my browser forgetting HubSpot is open in another tab).


The chat feature built into HubSpot (aside from notifications) is sufficient for our needs.  I love that chat-transcripts are saved with the contact and that we can make tickets right from within a chat session.  These are wonderful features that we use all day, every day, but I'm going to be forced to give up these features and move back to a previous chat application if this doesn't get fixed URGENTLY.  I'm evaluating alternatives now.


Any update on this? It's critical for us in order to decide from moving form another chat system to hubspot. Thanks



Same thing here... we need some sort of strong and loud notification when a chat starts... I'm using an alternative chat software until there is a solution on this.


We are a software development company.  I have half a mind to write a solution myself and integrate it with HubSpot.  We have been begging for a solution to this problem for more than a year.  I've met personally with a member of their development team, and here we are... still nothing. 


It would be a lot of work to start from scratch, and I'm deathly afraid that I'll write the application only to have HubSpot fix the problem after I've made the investment.  It would be nice to get a response from HubSpot on their development plans and timetables.  If they have no plans on addressing this, then I know what I have to do.  Find another solution, or write one myself.


I personally missed 6 chats yesterday, and 3 today.  That may not sound like a lot, but I've got 14 people answering chat and it adds up pretty quickly.  I just don't think HubSpot understands the scope of the problem.


As optimistic as I'd like to be here, I am doubtful that this is going to be solved anytime soon. (Other topics with many more votes are still being reviewed)  But as @VoIPTools suggested, a statement from Hubspot regarding their plans would be helpful.


Would it be possible to use the widget events documented in the Hubspot API

to generate browser notifications with Javascript based on the unread messages count?