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Including Secondary Team Members in Team Reports

Feature Request:


All team members, regardless if they are primary or secondary team members should be included in the reporting tool. There are many times when a Deal Owner may play a fundamental part in two different teams, and should therefore not be excluded in the reporting for that team. 


At the moment, it is a limitation that almost defeats the purpose of having teams. It would be brilliant to see in a future product rollout 🙂

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We need customization where we can group members in primary teams and additional cohorts. On which Reporting can be done too. 

Let;s say we have 50 sales rep joining us, and they will be divided across different teams & regions. If we need to compare their performance with old or experienced sales rep on different metrics, it will be very insightful. 


This is critical - I'm not sure what the functionality of "additional teams" is if not to do exactly this


++ to both commenters here. We are also running a pod model with our teams. I would have expected "additional teams" to pull those members into reports filtered by "Hubspot Teams"


Yes, also critical for our business.  We have some blended roles until the business grows to support dedicated new hires to report within a single team.

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Yes, this is a VERY important feature. 
In addition to the requirements from a pure sales team perspective (different regions/areas) also our CSM team is responsible for sales (upsell til existing clients) 
So I want also to report (from report builder) but also should subteams contribute towards sales goals. 

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This is such a fundamental need I was very surprised to find out it wasn't possible. One of the biggest pros of HubSpot is the ease of reporting and the ability to choose a team to report on. Please include this function!

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I think this would be very useful, or at least allow to select if only main members or all members to be shown in the report. 


Much Needed 👍


It's a must, for High level Managers to be able to aggregate teams performance and for Team leaders and teams to be able to have a single dashboard to refer to without having to duplicate it and select all the different deal owners !!