Include today in "last 90 days" for date property

We use filter "the last 90 days" for almost all of our reports to be able to view 90-day trends. (using date properties) However, these reports does not include the dates from today. Ex. If a salesperson books a meeting och closes a deal, it doesn't show in the report until the next day.


If we were to use the Date property "Is this: Quater so far", today's results are included. However, this report starts at 0 every quarter so we have to wait several weeks until we can see trends. (if we use "Is this: Year so far" we get too much data and will not be able to focus on last 90 days)


This is a major flaw in the reporting I must say. To be able to look at trends and have real-time results (today's results) in the same report seem like a basic functionality that I have seen in many other CRM-systems. 

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