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Include the Number of [Records] with a value for this property in Property export

As in the title, we should be able to include a column in the Property Export that shows us the "Number of deals/companies/contacts/etc with a value for this property". This is available as you can see it here:


HS Support.JPG


... but it isn't available in the Property export XLS.



Tom (Solutions Partner)

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YES! I do regular property audits that really need to be handled in a spreadsheet via exported data, and I spend about 4 hours for every report updating these numbers. We use this statistic to determine if a custom property should be merged with another, reviewing adoption rates that reflect on team performance reporting, and to show ways in which we could be further using (and loving) using Hubspot. 


Please please please make this an option for us, I'll send you all ice cream!


I have 500+ properties I need to audit. Not having the number of contacts with a property's value is going to make this take 10x longer. We are about to absorb another HS portal, so I need to clean house. 😩  Please make this value a property column for exporting. 

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Yes, this would be very helpful! When making an export I want to be able to quickly see which property's I can delete. 




This would be very helpful! Doing a property audit now and having to flip back and forth between the export and the GUI is very time-consuming.

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This would be incredibly helpful! I'm currently doing an internal property audit and was surprised this wasnt one of the columns included in the export.


This would be so helpful for portal audits!


Yes to this! In addition to making "number of records with a value" available in the export, I would also love to see it as a column on the Admin > Properties page to be able to see at a glance. And for it to be a filter on that page to quickly filter which properties don't have values on any records.