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Include the Associated with column in exportable information in Tasks

There is a real need for exporting the task list sometimes but the associated with column cannot be exported. Could you please make that column also exportable. Now it's just needles extra work to write the contact name to the task title. Why do it if the task is already associated and association is visible in the tasks listing? 

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You have my vote.


This would be very useful...


Upvoted. At the end of an email sequence, we create a task for our users to change a contact property (there's no way to integrate a workflow that accomplishes this into a sequence). If we could export the "associated with" task column, we could easily upload a csv file with this change made for each contact. Instead, we have to do it manually for each contact. This is a huge waste of time, with a simple fix!


Yes!  Glad to see people have a problem with this function.  Or should I say LACK of function.  It's rediculous.  The task list is somewaht useless without the "associated with" column.  Is the work around putting the "Associated With"  information (contact or company) in the task title????  or adding it after the download.  Either wauy it's a waste of time when the information is there.

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Submitting as a bump to this idea...
The associated with column is fairly important for the task in general, and exporting tasks with this column would be much more useful.


how is this not already do-able, it seems totally nuts... what would be the point in downloading the list without the main factor included. nuts.


I would love to export a list of my leads with comments and tasks, together with the properties of my contacts to report the results and status of new leads. It's really a flaw that this is currently not possible. It should be possible to add as a column. Create a new property 'notes' and using that field instead of the normal notes field is an option but that should not be needed.