Include sales document views in lead scoring


Hi HubSpotters,

I'd love to be able to set up lead scoring rules for people based upon sales document views. We're trying to do some more ABM type scoring, and I'd love to be able to segment based upon document views and time spent viewing, much like video views. 


We're trying to do a lot of prospecting, and being able to pull in document views, page views, video views, etc. to see how much content a key contact is viewing would be really beneficial. 

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Hi ! 

Like you, I'd like to add some score properties when a prospect opens a specific document sent through 1-to-1 mail templates. I tried to do it by adding a Page View, but the URL is being regenerated for every mail sent ! 

Did you find any tips, while waiting for a solution from hubspot ?






Hello, I have exactly the same need here.  We use Sales Documents extensively throughout the sales funnel (e.g. fact-sheets, case studies, technical specifications) and whether or not leads click on these is a MAJOR identifier of a hot lead.  I currently can see who opened a document by navigating to each individual sales document.  So Hubspot is tracking views of the documents.  It is crazy that this cannot be leveraged to allocate Hubspot Score to the lead as it is such a major indicator of the lead's level of interest and engagement.


This is a great idea! On the phone with our onboarding specialist now and we are talking about this topic. 


Hi @ParkerShort @PMI-GUY @amoa @NathanVeyret , this can be done through CloudFiles app since the app can post events on file viewed. Based on these events, you can trigger workflows and segment contacts. You can check the out app from HubSpot marketplace if you'd like. 


+1 from me. We have uploaded some product demo documents on HubSpot and the view time on those would make a great score for prospecting.
It also shouldn't be to hard to implement since HubSpot already stores all this information anyway.


Completely agree - Sales Document data should connect to Hubspot Score