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Include files uploaded from forms in the attachment section of related contact

When a file is uploaded through a Hubspot form, include that file in the Attachments section (on the right side) of the contact record that completed the form, regardless of file type.


This will save considerable time and effort when attempting to locate individal files uploaded through forms, instead of needing to scroll through the form submission results.




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It seems counter intuitive to have to delve into various properties to retrieve file uploads, when there's an Attachments section right there on the sidebar. 

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Agreed, it would be nice if these uploaded file attachments also automatically attached to all associated records.

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

It makes sense to me that when a contact upload a document via HubSpot forms, it should appear within their contact record under attachments.

Would love this to be an option under the "File upload" field in forms!


Yes please soon as possible. 


I'm running a series of courses through an LMS and require candidates to submit their work after completion. I need an easy way for them to upload multiple files and they just appear under attachments.

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I leveraged a deal pipeline for partnership and job inquiries and would appreciate it if the uploads could be copied over to the contact's attachments.


Hello everybody,


we have the same issue with the hubspot form. All documents which were uploaded are seen by the first contact in the form. But if we are in contact these information are at the bottom and nobody can see them active. It would be great if these documents were automaticly on the right side so everybody can see them for better customer service. 


hi friends
i totally agree
i have to record some files from contacts and currently i have to create a new property for each file
it would be easier if files were automatically load in attachments area
please take this into consideration for futures releases as a new feature




Sería muy interesante poder acceder desde el mismo perfil del negocio a los documentos relacionados para tener toda la información agregada. 


Key topic to implement guys !



Yes, this is a much needed feature for CRM in HubSpot.


I don't think that will come in the near future. But who knows, miracles can still happen


Agree, I have multiple instances of a customer or sponsor needing to send in their logo for future use and it would be very helpful to have it easily accessible from this screen


treating photos the same as field data (which is what the current ability does) is so counter-productive and time-wasting. It makes photo-submission via form nearly useless if this is important at all. Otherwise you have to comb through fields and form submissions to find pictures OR go in and download them one at a time and then resubmit them as attachments. Huge oversight for a company focused on data, lead gen, and trying to operate a service hub. How do you think customers most effectively communicate issues? via photo.