Include conversion pages (and history) of forms in contact properties

Right now when we export the form submissions, we do see the Conversion Page of a contact, it would be good if we can include it in the contact record as one of the properties itsellf. It will be useful as users can see which form they have submitted + the relevant page linked in the CRM itself, rather than searching it on the Forms Tool. This will be quite different from the "Recent Covnersion" or "First Conversion" properrty as well, as for these two current properties they do not link it out to a page like the exported file in the Forms Tool does.

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Yes, this idea is critical to be able to see reconversions that come in from paid search. As of right now, a contact could come in from organic and a few months later come back through paid search and the only way to view that information is to view the URLs UTM parameters on the conversion page. The conversion page is only viewable by exporting the form submissions. The conversion page should be included as a contact property.

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We are currently sending internal emails to HubSpot users to notify form submissions. This is because default form submission notification cannot be customized.

However, creating internal notification emails for each form is pretty time consuming and it is getting hard to manage as we have lots of forms.

Therefore, we would like to be able to have only one form submission notification email and insert "conversion page and form" token. So that it would be easy to manage emails within HubSpot portal and the recipients would easily understand where the contacts have submitted forms.