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Include SIC and NAICS coding on company records

There are no associated applications that automate the update of company SIC and NAICS codes.  These are essential for business intelligence and customer evaluation.  As HubSpot automates a lot of company record property setup, maintaining system provided SIC and NAICS codes would be a simple, but very valuable addition to this routine.

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+1 for this. The current "Industry" field is virtually useless for us. Having SIC or NAICS codes would be much more valuable


Hi Shawn,

Do you have an update on NAICS Codes for Hubspot? This would be extremely useful for our organization in tracking and for use in applying for grants.


Thank you!



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+1 We really need this! Especially because HubSpot will not let us override what industries are in there or delete them. We integrate with ZoomInfo and if the industry is not correct (Media & Advertising vs Advertising and Media) it will not populate from Zoom and we will have duplicate drop down selections that mean the exact same thing.


+1 on this - include CAGE and SAIC which are specific codes used by US Gov to track a company's capabilities for bid/contracting.  Both of these code lists are managed by USGov and should be easily integrated into Hubspot and make searchable by HubSpot CRM administrators.


We would love to have this capability as well



In the absence of this feature being available at the moment, can anyone recommend a plug-in or is this not the right place to make such a request? Sorry, new to HS and this forum. Thanks!

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Any news on this? Or a plug in? We really need this!


I'm looking into adding SIC codes as well - want to comment that this is extremely needed and hoping to hear an update from the HS developers!


Sorely needed and been hanging around as a requirement a long time. If there is no plug in does anyone know a workaround? That is not an enormous work.

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While I understand that HubSpot is a global company and that NAICS codes are the North American Industry Classification System, the fact that industry categorization isn't something that can be quickly and efficiently taken into account really hurts. Whether it's NAICS or SIC codes, our HubSpot clients always ask for a standardized industry classification system that HubSpot doesn't have, not to mention that trying to "build" a classification system for each and every client is tedious and cumbersome, especially when these standards already exist.


absolutely.  NAICS or SICcode are a must. Having to build it with customization right now. It should be available out-of-the-box.