Include GDPR consent checkboxes in form submission exports


this information is visible in individual form submissions, but not in lists or export filesthis information is visible in individual form submissions, but not in lists or export files


Current behavior:

  • Communication subscription types can be added to HubSpot forms as separate checkboxes via the GDPR options in the form editor
  • To see which checkboxes were selected in a particular form submission, one has to inspect the individual form submission (see screenshot), or check the submission via Forms API
  • When exporting form submissions, these checkboxes are not included in the resulting file


  • It is not possible to segment form submissions by opt-in preference without using the API
  • It is not possible to trigger workflows or build lists based on these information.
  • Building lists or workflow triggers based on the actual subscription status is an imperfect substitute. For example, a contact may be unsubscribed from all email, then fill out a form indicating a wish to receive particular communication. Their actual subscription status will not change, but the fact they indicated interest is important and potentially valuable information (e.g. for the sales team trying to gauge the quality of a lead, or for targeting offline re-engagement efforts).

Proposed solution:

  • Short-term: Include the GDPR checkboxes in the "export submissions" file, so that customers can analyze their form submissions without using the API
  • Longer-term, it would be great to be able to trigger a workflow off the GDPR checkbox selection in a form regardless of a change in the underlying subscription status