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Include Conversion Rates in the Deal Stage Report Like In The Funnel Report...

It would be nice to see conversion rate data (like you can in the Funnel Reports) of all deal stages even when a deal skips a stage. 


Almost every sales organization I've been a part of has deals that will go from stage 1 to stage 3 or later, and skip stage 2 for one reason or another. In cases like these, it should still be counted as a conversion from stage 2 to 3 even though it was not "placed" in stage 2.  



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Hi, this would be critical to implement as the current workaround to use the funnel reports showing deals that have moved through any stage does not directly reflect the conversion rates. Can we get an ETA on this please?


Huge issue for us as we have a "deferred" stage for deals that are put on hold, so no conversion information is calcuated unless a deal also touches this stage.


Please add!

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This is a function that would be helpful to my customer, as there are deals that sometimes do not move through all stages, but conversion rates would still be necessary for business reporting. Hoping to get an update soon!


I really cannot comprehend how 6 years on from the original issue being raised that there is no way in HubSpot to calculate conversion rates for deals that skip deal stages!  Can we all have an update on when this functionality is going to be added?


Love to have this implemented 

this is so important for sales


Is there an ETA for this necessary implementation?