Include Conversion Rates in the Deal Stage Report Like In The Funnel Report...

It would be nice to see conversion rate data (like you can in the Funnel Reports) of all deal stages even when a deal skips a stage. 


Almost every sales organization I've been a part of has deals that will go from stage 1 to stage 3 or later, and skip stage 2 for one reason or another. In cases like these, it should still be counted as a conversion from stage 2 to 3 even though it was not "placed" in stage 2.  



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HS Support asked me to post my solution here. 


Setting up a dashboard like this like this worked for me.



Entered stage (date)

 Measured by:

Count of deals


You could do this for different deal stages and also change the frequency to for example "Weekly", to visualize weekly results.


Funnel dash.png


It still doesn't calculate the conversions rates, but it's the only sufficient way to track deal stage progress. 

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Agree 100%. The funnel report is basically useless. Most deals do not go through each and every stage of the pipeline.

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I've voted everywhere I can see for this topic.  It seems like a lost opportunity to omit conversion rates for deals hitting "any" stage.

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This feature is super helpful as not all deal go through the different stages on a linear fashion to be lost or won. 

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100% agree. 

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100% agree this is so important and would make all my clients so happy. I work with many different companies using Hubspot and they all ask for the same thing. I train them on how to click on EVERY stage to get the funnel conversion rates showing but inevitably someone misses one and throws things out. It doesn't need to be complicated. Just allow users to confirm if a stage is skipped, it should still count in the conversion. Thank you. Hubspot is great!

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This is a crucial feature and I'm quite surprised it is not yet implemented. It is extremely common for prospects to skip deal stages so it's super frustrating we are not able to calculate conversion rates just because a stage is skipped. Not being able to deliver accurate numbers for my organization makes it impossible for me to do my job.  Smiley Frustrated


I look forward to this oversight being reconciled as soon as possible. 


Thanks very much!!

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UP ! Needed ;-)