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Include All Pipelines Option in Historical Snapshots Report

The Historical Snapshots report is very helpful for determining how our pipeline has changed month-to-month. The only limitation is that you can't view all your pipelines, in aggregate, in one Historical Snapshot report. We have multiple (5) pipelines that we track in Hubspot. Our board of directors wants to see how our total pipeline changes month to month, and our sales executives need a simple way to show this.


I'd like to have the option to create a Historical Snapshots report that is broken down by Pipeline instead of by Deal Stage, and which includes all Pipelines.


This will help us look at our total company forecast, regardless of pipeline, and see how it is changing month over month so we can assess our overall pipeline health.




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Totally agree. I need a report that shows the history of all combined pipelines.


Seconding this, as we tend to move deals across pipelines which means we can't use the report as it is. 


Yes it does not make any sense that it is not possible to choose the pipeline stages..


This would be very helpful for our forecasting.


Seems like this should be a default function. Would be very helpful.

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Upvoting this as well!

Would be amazing if we could view more than 1 pipeline in the Historical Snapshot report. This would be especially helpful for customers with split pipelines and need to view both concurrently. 

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I'd like to be able to swap out the deal stage for a custom deal property, Product type, to see changes in the pipelkine for the different services offered


Agree with @HFisher7 , that would be much needed.


In fact what we need is that hubspot adds the Snapshot option in ALL reports... so we can use this as we want and not with the only 3 small options that are there.


Has anyone found a hacky way around this?


@mollyeyoung , not ideal but I have tested this and it works for the sole purpose of creating these reports: 

- Create a separate pipeline for all deals with a stage for each category you need to split in the report (country/original pipeline etc)
- Copy/set necessary properties on the cloned deal like amount, close date, stage (potentially you need one pipeline for weighted and unweighted amount if you report historically on both, if so copy weighted amount to amount for the global weighted pipeline)
- Create a recurring workflow that updates the cloned deals in the global pipeline each day with amount, close date and moves it to closed so it is no longer open in the snapshot report.
- The cloned deal should not be associated to any company or contacts to avoid confusion and logging activities on the wrong deal etc, and the name of the duplicate should also be something generic so it does not get confused from the global search. And it should be unassigned.

Hope this entire setup becomes unecessary soon..