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Inbox Filter - Unanswered conversations

Filtering is great! And for a sales/service rep it is mandatory to have an overview of emails that needs attention first. priorities. Most importantly for us is to answer those who has not yer recieved an answer to our last email/chat.

The filter WE ALL need: Customers response date is newer than Agents reply date. OR just an unanswered property. 

The arrow is just not enough when you have 100s of emails.

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Great idea. Please implement.


This is very important, I hope they implement this soon


nice idea, I need it too, incredible that it hasn't been done

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Agreed on this! Another issue is when we try to create a filter to show conversations where we:

  • Replied to the customer - "Last response date is xxx days ago", AND "Last message from visitor is equal to False"
  • Customer had sent us at least 1 message before - "First message received date is known "

It doesn't work because "Last response date" regards comments as responses too.


If we had a filter that shows both:

  1. Conversations where we've yet to reply customers, and
  2. Conversations where we've replied and yet to hear back from customers

That would be helpful!!


A specific problem with the current filtering that is very suprising, is that comments are being treated as responses, under the filter option "last response date". For example if I want to see all conversations last responded to over 2 days ago, if an internal comment has been added since then, they don't show up. A comment is quite clearly not a response to a customer.


Further to this, comments are also being treated as messages/replied under the Last message from visitor = True filter condition. So if I have a filter view set to show messages from contacts that are yet to be replied to, if there is an internal comment added to the conversation it is treating this as a reply.


Also, need this badly to track and pay immediate attention to customers our reps may have forgotten to reply to.



I totally agree. As a sales team leader, I don't need to check every single mailbox of my sales rep if they replied to the client. I need it badly all in one place.



needed, please review! 🙂